A Bewitching Invitation

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Article courtesy Scrapjazz.com; by Georgina Hefferman

Every year, I hold a Halloween Ball for the students in my dance class. We have a Halloween-themed dinner with ghoulish delights, plenty of candy and more often than not some blood-red fruit punch. Everyone dresses in magnificent costumes too; the most memorable was that of the Grim Reaper standing a full 12 feet high on stilts. When he walked in the room, ducking to get under the door frame, everyone fell completely silent. It was very eerie. Each year, the costumes seem to get more detailed and the whole event gets more extravagant. Dancing the night away to songs such as the "Monster Mash" and the "Time Warp" follows the meal and it is usually a very late but fun night.

To me, that's what Halloween is all about, a little bit of fun for everyone and a time to be silly. That's why when it came to making my invitations for this year's event I wanted to do something different and eye-catching, while also using up some of my never-ending Halloween stash. That's when I decided on a pop-up invitation.


For this invitation you will need:

  • sheet of cardstock 8" x 12"
  • scissors
  • Glue Dots or a glue stick
  • Halloween stickers
  • ribbon, paper and Stickles to decorate

Note: Traditional Halloween colors are black, green, orange and purple, which I am using here, but don't let that stop you from experimenting with unusual color combinations.


  1. Start by folding your cardstock in half, across the length and the width. This will divide your cardstock into four sections. Unfold completely.


  2. Fold the card in half lengthways, and place it in front of you with the folded side nearest to you.

  3. On the left section along the folded edge, make two cuts. Make these approximately 1 inch long and ½ inch apart. Leave a gap of a couple of inches and then repeat with two similar cuts. These will form pop-up tabs. I have marked my cardstock with pencil to illustrate what I mean.


  4. Fold the tabs onto the front of the card and then the other way onto the back of the card.


  5. Open the card and push the tabs inside.


  6. Fold the right-hand uncut side of the card behind the left section and adhere the card together.


  7. Choose a Halloween sticker for your pop-up greeting, adhere this to some scrap cardstock and cut around the sticker closely following the edges of the sticker. This makes your sticker more rigid and less sticky, which means it is easier to attach to the tabs.

  8. Attach your greeting to the tabs using sticky dots, using the photos below as your guide. Be sure not to let the greeting touch the bottom of the card; otherwise it will be difficult to fold in half when you are putting it in the envelope.



  9. Create a design of your choice on the front of the card and you're done. On my card I have used some scraps of Halloween-themed paper, some ribbon and a sticker. I also used a Heidi Swapp rub-on and some Stickles to add the extra sparkle.


I plan to write personal notes in each card inviting the recipients. Remember, with party invitations it is important to let your guests know the date, time and place of your event. Ensure that you provide an RSVP and phone number. If you are hosting a costume party then let them know that. Be specific about whom you are inviting. This is especially important for a children's party - are the adults invited to stay or is it just for the kids? It is courteous to send your invites out at least two weeks in advance of the party but no more than eight weeks in advance, because not everyone will be as organised as you!

Don't forget, if you make any Halloween invitations, upload them to the Scrapjazz gallery and share them with us all.


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