Make Your Own Floral Embellishments

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Article Courtesy by Kayla Richards Filip

Florals and flowers: whether they are silk, paper, fabric, or jeweled, they have definitely made a strong presence in the scrapbooking world. Not only do they look great on layouts, they give your layout a unique presence. Now you can make your own, with just a few materials you probably already have on hand.


Felt Flowers

Felt flowers make a bold statement. Use them on a corner of a photo, or to anchor down a journaling spot. No doubt, they make great additions to baby and child layouts, with their warm and fuzzy appearance.


  • felt
  • thread (in a color that will match your felt)
  • sewing needle
  • optional: buttons or small clear beads


  1. Using a pattern, cut five petals out of felt.


  2. Thread your needle, leaving about 12 inches of thread to sew with.

    Begin sewing by making about 3 or 4 "in and out" basic stitches, known as running stitches, on one petal. Make the stitches about 1/4 of an inch from the bottom of the petal. Pull thread all the way through so the knot in the thread is at one end of the petal. Do not cut the thread when you're done making the stitches on one petal. All the petals will be strung together when you are done making the simple stitches on each petal.


  3. Stitch the remaining petals in the same way.


  4. When finished, pull thread tightly and you will notice the petals starting to bunch. Connect the two ends to make the flower. With the two ends together, make a few stitches on the back side of the flower to secure the flower shape. Finally, cut the thread and tie it tightly to make all stitches secure. Trim any long strands of thread that are not needed.


  5. Then, if you would like, you can add a flower center. If using a button, you can either sew it on, or use glue dots such as Zots. Hot glue guns also work very well. If you want to make your flower a bit sparkly, add some small clear beads to the flower center. I used a hot glue gun to secure the beads on my flower.


Try This:

Experiment with different sizes and shapes of petals to create a unique and different looking flower. Try using different colors of felt to create a multi-colored flower. Also, buttons now come in so many fun shapes and colors - try to find unique buttons to give your flower a one-of-a-kind look.


Paper (or Fabric) Poppies



  • patterned papers (I used my scrap stash!)
  • glue dots (such as Zots)
  • buttons or brads
  • optional: decorative scissors


  1. For a three-layer flower, you will need to cut three different sizes of circles from patterned paper. You will need one large, one medium, and one small circle. The circles don't have to be perfect. In fact, I have found that the more rough the circles are, the better the flower tends to look in the end.
  2. Now, fold one of the circles in half. Unfold it and fold it in half the other way. Then, crinkle up your circles a bit to help give them some dimension. Repeat with the other two circles.
  3. Then, stack your circles, with the largest circle on the bottom. Attach the circles together with glue dots.
  4. Finally, add your flower's center. I suggest using a fun button; however, a brad will do as well. (Please note: using a brad may be a little harder, as you need to pierce it through the papers and the glue dots.)


Try this:

Try using different colors and patterns of patterned paper to give your flower a unique look. Dust off your decorative scissors. Why not use them to give the edges of your flower a fun look?

The same technique can be used to create a fabric flower. Just use fabric instead of paper. Remember, the heavier your fabric, the more your flower will keep its shape.

Yo-Yo Flowers

Here's a fun twist to add to any scrapbooking page! Try many colors of fabrics combined with fun buttons to make a totally fun layout.


Materials Needed:

  • fabric
  • thread
  • needle
  • buttons


  1. Cut a circle from your fabric. The bigger you cut your circle, the larger the finished product will be. Do note that your flower will turn out much smaller than you think, so overestimate the size of the circle you will need to begin with. I suggest starting with a 4" to 5" circle.
  2. Next, thread your needle and knot your thread. Make a running stitch all around the circle, as shown.


  3. When finished stitching all around, do not cut your thread. Pull the thread all the way through, and pull tight. You will notice the circle starting to "pucker." Keep pulling until it is tight. Still do not cut your thread. You will need to make a few stitches from the front to the back to secure the center down. Do this two or three times. After, when the needle is on the back on the bottom side (flat, non-puckered side), finally cut the thread and tie it to make it secure.


  4. Then, use a glue dot or a glue gun to add a fun and colorful button.



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