Scrapworks Interview - 2005

Please Log In or Sign Up to add to your favorite resources. interviewed Scrapworks , one of our 2005 $15,000 Layout Contest sponsors. Here are the questions we asked and the amazing answers they gave about where they started, where they're headed, what excites them, and much more! - Can you give us a brief history of Scrapworks ? (Where you're located, how you started)

Scrapworks - "It all started back in 2002 when my friend Sarah and I decided to enter the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame Award contest. Like many of you, I always dreamed of what it would be like to receive the call. I would thank the caller politely and then, once I hung up the phone, I would scream my head off! After nights of hard work and days of waiting and wondering, that call actually came. Creating Keepsakes awarded me one of scrapbooking's top honors: The Hall of Fame Award. I couldn't believe it! During the next few whirlwind months, I was repeatedly asked by scrapbookers where I got the embellishments used in my layouts. Their inquiries inspired me to forge ahead and make my dreams of starting an innovative scrapbooking business come true.

Scrapworks eagerly took its first baby steps in October 2002 and introduced a small line of ground-breaking embellishments to customers hungry for new and innovative products.

The past few years have been an exhilarating time for our team, as we have seen how our products have helped Scrapbookers become more creative. It has been exciting to see how our products have sparked customers to tell their personal stories in original ways. This, in turn, has encouraged us to continually provide our customers with the best products we can possibly offer." - Denise Hoogland, Founder and President

 - What differentiates you from other scrapbook product manufacturers?

Scrapworks- Scrapworks looks at scrapbooking as a design project we all work on together. Here at the office, our desks are a mess of paper scraps, sketches, mock ups, razor blades and glue... Probably not unlike a certain table-top at your place. As much as we love coming up with new product releases, the only thing better is seeing the unique ways our friends use them to record their most important moments. - What trends do you see developing over 2005?

Scrapworks - Colors, colors, colors will continue to pop and surprise over 2005. Unexpected color combinations and patterns such as argyle, paisley, and other fashion-induced designs will be out in full-force. - How will Scrapworks look to capitalize on these trends?

Scrapworks - We'll continue to put our own innovative twists on the trends we see emerging in fashion, interior design, and in other surprising places. - What new products have you recently released or will soon be releasing?

Scrapworks - We have a slew of new products ready for release at CHA-- More than 100 new embellishments and 48 new paper designs impossible not to adore. Visit the Scrapworks website to wet your palette with the delectable details. - What are your most popular products?

Scrapworks - We have received an overwhelming response to our ScrapSmart Album System. Even the most tenured Scrapbookers agree that this product is a god-send for the busy crafter. Being able to keep memorabilia and photos organized and in their place is an innovative concept and invaluable to those always on-the-go. Don't get the wrong impression-this novel product has the beauty to match the brains. Striking 3-ring, snap-shut, box albums are currently available in four sizes and seven colors.

Color Rubz are also a well-sought after product. By the spring, we'll have a new font, lots of new colors, shapes, and refill packs available in our standard high-quality rub.

Of course, ask us this in a month and we may have a different answer for you--- SO many awesome new products to crave. - Can you tell us more about the ScrapSmart Album System and why scrapbookers would be interested in it?

Scrapworks - We have a great educational presentation on our site. It will definitely give you a better idea of what this innovative product is all about. We gave you a little taste already, but let's see if we can get some Scrapbookers to tell us what they think:

"The pages are really generous. You should try the pages that aren't 12x12 - the ones with the spaces to fit 4x6 pictures. I wasn't too sure about the concept of their "ScrapSmart" system. I thought - Oh I am a "real" scrapbooker, I scrap in 12x12, this is for beginners or people who don't really want to scrapbook. Well, I bought the 12x12 refills and mostly used those for my gift album, but it comes with a variety of pages inside and I used those too! I put some pictures in the spaces, but then I took pieces of 4x6 paper, decorated those and slid them in one of the spaces and the look is great! And super fast too. I did a whole gift album in two days! Great stuff I tell ya!"
-- Scrapper in

"I have completely switched over to these albums, they are perfect! They are a little larger than usual but very well constructed. I don't think you can go wrong with these."
-- Scrapper in Germany

"The part about them I like the most is that you can scrap in some of the spaces on the page protectors other than the 12x12 page. The 6x6 and 6x8 pages are especially great for creating a title or adding embellishment."
--Scrapper in

"Have one, and I love the concept of this album! For now, I use mine for photo storage and layouts in progress."
--Scrapper in

"I'm thinking of switching to something like these because I can't scrap everything but I still want all the photos in one place."
--Scrapper in
Illinois - What advice would you have for new Scrapbookers who are just getting into scrapbooking?

Scrapworks - Get out… get out before it's too late. Really, though, just take a deep breath and try not to get overwhelmed. Scrapbooking is a very dynamic and ever-evolving hobby. With so many manufacturers offering such a wide variety of products, materials are available to suite your personal taste and style. So, invest in a paper trimmer and some adhesive and let your creative (and potentially addictive) adventures begin. - What advice would you have for the experienced Scrapbooker who is looking to get more done, in less time, and spend less money doing it?

Scrapworks - A little planning goes a long way-- take a little time to plan a few layouts and save a lot of $$$ and a lot more time in the long run. - Where does Scrapworks hope to be in 10 years?

Scrapworks - We invite you to join Scrapworks on what's sure to be a decade of revolutionary, colorful designs well-suited to your most ordinary or extraordinary experiences.


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