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Lawn Fawn Matching Stamps and Die Sets

Lawn Fawn makes exceptional stamps and coordinating dies. Each are cute and fun on their own, but when the stamps and dies are combined, the results can be downright adorable. You can view all of the newest releases by Lawn Fawn here, but below I wan... Continue Reading.


Core’dinations ColorCore Cardstock is known for heavyweight sandable cardstock. Most Core’dinations cardstock is textured on the front and smooth on the back, although its most distinguishing feature is that rather than having a white co... Continue Reading.

Making Easter Decorations with Your Stash

My son absolutely loves to decorate our house for any occasion - and sometimes, none at all! I decided this year that I would make some Easter-themed decorations in advance using my scrapbook supplies. If you love to make your own embellishments, mak... Continue Reading.

Travel Scrapbooking: San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas has become a popular destination for travelers. The city is known for interesting historic sites, including the famous Alamo, and the newer Riverwalk, a popular evening destination. Outside the city, the area has become known for f... Continue Reading.

Using up Scraps

I've found that there are two kinds of scrapbookers in the world: 1) those who get rid of all the scraps as soon as they finish a project; and 2) the remaining 99.5% of us who save even the smallest pieces of beautiful cardstock or patterned paper, s... Continue Reading.

Same Stamp, Three Levels of Card Design

One challenge that I used to see in scrapbook magazines was using supplies in three ways. These articles would show different levels of scrapbooking but using the same supplies. This concept can be adapted to card making too. Today I am going to show... Continue Reading.

Scrapping Unusual Pets

Getting that first pet is a milestone in anyone's life, but especially for children. If that first pet is something other than a dog or cat, however, it can be very difficult to find scrapbooking supplies to commemorate the occasion. Although we've h... Continue Reading.

A Weekend in Paris Mini-Album

Recently, my husband had a business meeting in Paris and the family was lucky enough to tag along. Even though we were only in Paris for a long weekend, we saw all the major sites of the city, ate in wonderful restaurants, and took well over 100 phot... Continue Reading.

A Sketch for Easter

As much as I like the look of scrapbook pages featuring only a single photo, the vast majority of my layouts include multiple photos. When I have more than three photos to fit on a page, I usually turn to a grid design. A grid works well with my clea... Continue Reading.

Dying Different Types of Ribbon with Re-inkers

Stamp pad re-inkers are dye or pigment ink for refilling your ink pads. It is a way to keep your pad filled with color rather than throwing it away and buying a new one when the pad starts to lose its vibrancy. They usually come in little bottles tha... Continue Reading.

Layouts about Eyeglasses

A first pair of eyeglasses is an important milestone in the life of a child, although not necessarily a happy one. There are mixed feelings between knowing he will see the board better at school or play better in sports contrasted with the fear of be... Continue Reading.

Webster's Pages

Webster's Pages got its start in 2005 when brother-and-sister team Tim Myers and Brandin O'Neill decided to expand their art publishing business, Webster Fine Art Ltd., into the craft and hobby industry. With their experience designing and selling wa... Continue Reading.

Same Products, Two Different Scrappers-What Do They Create?

Back when I was getting scrapbook magazines, my favorite article feature was the type where the same products were given to a certain number of scrappers to scrap with. Usually three or four different products were featured and the designers were all... Continue Reading.

Scrapping celebrities

For many of us, one of the big influences in our lives are celebrities. No matter how much you may want to avoid them sometimes, we see them on television, on magazine covers, and on the Internet. We hear about them on the news. Celebrities are trend... Continue Reading.

Using Neon Colors

Neon colors have become very popular with kids these days, especially for sports equipment and clothing. As my children have started wearing neon-colored shirts and athletic shoes, I have been working on different methods to match this bright trend o... Continue Reading.

Hero Arts

Hero Arts is a name that is synonymous with stamping and paper crafting. It has become an industry leader with its ability to create innovative products that are on top of the trends. Hero Arts began as a home-based business in the early 70’s... Continue Reading.

Incorporating Long Stories into Your Layouts

For me, one of the reasons I scrapbook is because it is my way of journaling and sharing my experience with others. More recently, I have been focusing on longer, deeper stories. And like many other scrapbookers (maybe even you?), telling long stor... Continue Reading.

Wood Veneers

Wood veneers have become a fun and interesting addition to scrapbook pages. It gives the look of wood, age and warmth to any scrapbook page. It can also appear in a variety of wood colors. Wood veneers differ from cardstock, corkboard and chipboard i... Continue Reading.

Exploring Newfoundland

Newfoundland has a very unique history. The island province was first visited by the Vikings in the 11th century, who called the province Vinland. They went on to establish a colony in the area known now as L'Anse aux Meadows on the Northern Peninsul... Continue Reading.

Project Life, My Way

When I thought about compiling an album inspired by the hugely popular Project Life concept, I wanted to adapt the idea and create an album using my own rules. I have been scrapping for many years and have amassed quite the stash of scrapbooking supp... Continue Reading.

Using Burlap on Layouts

Many of us are familiar with burlap, a woven fabric made from fibers. With its thick, rough texture, it is frequently used for home decor but not often for clothing. Recently, burlap has become popular for use in scrapbooking. Although it is possible... Continue Reading.

Using Sequins on Your Scrapbook Pages

Everywhere you look, you see sequins. They have always been in fashion, on the red carpet and in any recital costume your child has worn. Now they are showing up on home decor, from curtains to pillows and in paper crafts. You can buy sequins in stri... Continue Reading.


Ombre is a term refering to a gradual shading of color from light to dark. The term ombre is often used in the fashion industry. For example, ombre could be used to describe a dress which is light blue at the neck getting gradually darker until it i... Continue Reading.

QuicKutz, Lifestyle Crafts and We R Memory Keepers

QuicKutz first took the scrapbooking industry by storm many years ago by introducing a portable squeeze tool that allowed crafters to die cut on the go. The tool was small enough to throw in a bag and take anywhere. It allowed scrapbookers to cut alp... Continue Reading.

Product Review: Craftwell eBosser

Retail Price: $209.99 - $289.94 (The eBosser is available in two versions - the Craftwell eBosser and the Teresa Collins eBosser.) Product Details The Craftwell eBosser is an innovative wide-format electronic die-cutting and embossing machine desi... Continue Reading.

Using Chevrons on Scrapbook Layouts

Circles, squares, rectangles and triangles have all been used in scrapbook design for a long time. Another shape that is popular now is the chevron. A chevron is a V-shaped pattern that is often used for military insignia. It is becoming popular in v... Continue Reading.

Out-of-the-Box Inspiration for Your Scrapbook Pages

One of the conundrums I hear from people who scrapbook is where to find inspiration for their pages. We all go through times where we have creative dry spells and sometimes we need to look outward, other than just taking from the theme or colors in t... Continue Reading. Custom Kits

Did you know that offers monthly kits created from the wide selection of products available in their Superstore? There is a new kit available each month which contains a coordinated assortment of recent products chosen especially for th... Continue Reading.

Digital Layouts with PowerPoint, Part II

In Part I of this series we reviewed how to make a simple 12" x 12" scrapbook layout using PowerPoint. In Part II we will go into more detail about color matching and positioning. Even if digital doesn’t interest you, read on for instructions o... Continue Reading.

Getting More from Project Life Page Protectors

I have to admit that I am not a Project Life person, and despite that, am often drawn to the page protectors used in Project Life scrapbooking. Tempted by the wonderful options and possibiilties of the pockets in the page protectors and having no de... Continue Reading.


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