Step-by-Step: Refrigerator Art

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Article courtesy of Scrapjazz; by Jane Swanson

Opening the refrigerator door, I glanced down and saw my grandson's art. I smiled as I remembered the sweet story of him giving it to me. I didn't want this work of art to get lost in time so I took it down and headed to my scrap table. A few squirts of Archival Mist and it was ready to be preserved in my grandson's scrapbook.






  1. Select the green side of the double-sided cardstock from the Piggy Tales Little Red Riding Hood Collection as the 12" x 12" base.
  2. Cut an 8" x 8" square from the green polka-dotted paper and adhere it one inch from the bottom and ½ inch from the left side.
  3. Print journaling with a child's handprint font on a 3" x 5" piece of children's handwriting paper and adhere it in the lower right corner, ½" from the bottom.
  4. After spraying the original artwork with Archival Mist, adhere it to the upper right corner ¼" from sides.
  5. Color Grungeboard letters with red and green crayons to match artwork and adhere to the upper left, overlapping the green polka-dotted paper .
  6. Attach a 5" x 7" photo at an angle, overlapping the journaling box and the artwork.
  7. Print downloaded images of a refrigerator magnet and crayons and adhere using pop dots.
  8. Print part of the title using the child's handprint font and adhere above the grungeboard letters.
  9. Affix metal brads to the lower right and the upper left corner of the page.
  10. Using a date stamp, stamp on the lower left side of the journaling box.

Refrigerator art might not stand the test of time so get out that bottle of Archival Mist and your scrap supplies and create a page that will!


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