Disney Vacations

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Article courtesy of Scrapjazz.com: by Karen Day

Disney Vacations are the best!

Whether your vacation is days away or you have already been this list of tips, journaling ideas and titles will spark your creativity!


  1. Don�t forget the professional photo opportunities!



  2. Label ALL film with a mailing label. If you drop one it will be easier to identify you the roll belongs to.



  3. Get your older children a disposable camera and let them snap pictures of their favorite things!



  4. Don�t carry all your camera equipment into the park. Most of the time you will not need it, and if you drove you can go back to the car, or better yet rent a locker at the front gate!



  5. Plan, plan and plan! Get the maps early from the internet and have your kids (or husband) look at all that is offered. Think about some of the pages that you might want to get. Remember that you could walk over 5 miles just getting from the front gate of Epcot around the world showcase and back to the front gate! That is a long way and knowing what is were will help with the back tracking to get that special picture.


Journaling ideas:

  1. Take a small notebook with you into the parks. Keep notes about reactions and events in this book.



  2. Give your children the chance to remember what they did each day. At dinner (or after) ask your children what they liked the best about the day. Keep these notes to use later.



  3. Compare trips. If your children have been to the parks before, have them think about years past. What is different now? Do they like it better? This also works if you have been to the parks before.



House of Mouse
Meetin' Mickey
Magical Moments
It started with a Mouse
Mad Hatters
In the Spin (for tea cups)
Going Wild (Animal Kingdom)
California Adventure (for Disneyland)
Our Safari (Animal Kingdom)
All Wet (Splash mountain)
Tea Time (tea cups)
Home to our Princess (pictures of Cinderella�s castle)
Up and Down and All around
Hot Fun in the City (downtown Disney)
All Ears
Do you believe in Magic?
Movie stars and Motor cars (MGM)
Gonna' be a Star (MGM)
The Signs and Sounds of Magic
Drivers License (test track and speedway)
Disney Dreamer
Ridin' The Movies (MGM roller costars)


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