Amazing Maze Books


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Article courtesy; by Maegan Hall

While shuffling through my professional photograph stash, I noticed that I have several wallets of the same pose. Sure, I can use one or two, but I don't need four. I knew my daughter would enjoy scrapbooking them, but I didn't want her digging in my paper stash. My solution is a "maze" book. It's called a maze book because of the way it's made. You can make an entire album with one sheet of double-sided patterned paper and a few inches of ribbon.

  1. Score a 12" x 12" sheet of double-sided patterned paper at 3", 6" and 9". Rotate the paper 90 degrees and repeat. Your paper should look like a grid now. Bend your paper like an accordion as shown.


  2. Next, flatten the paper back out. From the top, cut your paper along the 3" line and the 9" horizontal lines until you hit the 9" vertical line. (see picture--you will cut up to the white circles, which are added to the photo only). Next, you will cut off the corners by cutting along the vertical 3" line until you reach the horizontal 3" and 9" lines. (see picture, cut off areas are marked with X's).


  3. Now you will cut at the 6" line, which is directly in the middle of the paper. You will cut from the right and end at the 3" vertical line, marked by a white circle in the photo. Notice the dashes on this photo. If you follow the arrows, the paper makes a snake-like pattern. This is how you will be folding your book.


  4. Start at the top left corner and fold your paper up (#1). Fold your paper back and forth like an accordion (#2). When you reach the end of that strip, follow your snake pattern and change the direction you are folding. You keep doing this until your paper is gone and all is folded. You can see the process in photos 4, 5 & 6.


  5. Lightly unfold your book and position as shown in the photo below. You will have a "tepee" in the middle if you have your book turned up the right way. Glue the insides of your tepee together. This is the middle of your book.


  6. Now that your tepee is adhered and in place, you will notice two "V" like folds. These are going to be pockets. Tape the sides of the pockets, but leave the top open. The fold will be the bottom of the pocket.


  7. Now turn your book around. You should see all one color/pattern. Keep your tepee in the middle. Making a "U" shape, tape around the sides of your page(s) in your book. Look at the photo for a visual. You're making two more pockets. Keep the tops open. Don't mess with the ones marked with an "X."


  8. Once you glue your two pockets, your book will look like the left-hand side of the photo below. Take the leftover flaps and fold them in the opposite direction. For me, this made the blue side of the paper show. Tape the flaps; it's up to you if you want a pocket or not. Keep in mind that this is the cover of your book.


  9. Tape ribbon to the front and back of your book. This will help keep it closed. Cover the ribbon with the piece of paper you cut off in step 2. Fill your pockets with photos or scrap cardstock for journaling.


  10. Here is what I'm giving to my daughter: a bunch of leftover wallets, and an album that cost less than $1 to make. I stuck some pictures on the paper so you can see what it will look like. She can use the pink cardstock for journaling.


  11. Leftover letter stickers complete this album.


Once you know how to fold, you can whip these albums up really quick. I may even make several for a kid's crop at my house.


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