Brayered Sky Technique


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Article courtesy; by Georgina Hefferman

One of the most perfect things in the world is looking up at the sky on a beautiful cloud-free day and absorbing its magnificence. I love how although the sky is so vast in size it has so many vivid and differing colors in lots of shades. It seems to have its own personality - from blues and greys through to pinks, reds and oranges it is ever changing. That's why when it comes to capturing this depth of color on a card or layout the brayered sky technique is perfect.

1_181To create this card with a wintry feel you will need:

  • 3 different shades of dye-based ink
  • rubber brayer
  • glossy white paper or cardstock (I use photo paper but any will do)
  • Post-It Notes or something similar for masking
  • sponge applicator (make-up sponges are perfect)
  • stamp and black ink or a die-cut picture

Step One

I find it easier to cut my glossy paper a little larger than I need before beginning this technique - this makes sure I get even coverage all over my design and I can trim off any unwanted color. Tear your Post-It notes randomly and place them on the bottom half of your glossy paper. This is done to mask the area that you do not want to brayer (in this case, the snow).

Step Two

Using the lightest shade of dye ink, brayer across your entire glossy paper using a back and forth motion. You should be left with a random base for your sky.


Step Three

Repeat step two using a darker shade of dye ink. Roll the brayer back and forth but don't cover the whole area. Leave it so you can see some of the first ink color showing through.


Step Four

Repeat step three as before, this time using the darkest shade of dye ink. Try to keep the color towards the top part of your sky. Don't panic if it looks too dark; it changes its appearance once you get your stamped image on there.


Step Five

Using your sponge applicator dab a small amount of the darkest dye ink across the edge of the Post-It notes. This will form the horizon for your sky.

Step Six

After leaving your ink to dry for a few minutes, carefully peel away your Post-It notes to reveal your finished sky.

Step Seven

Stamp an image onto the glossy paper using black ink.


Step Eight

Trim your finished image down to size and finish off your card as desired. Here I have mounted it onto cardstock and layered onto a card, adding ribbon, brads and words for embellishments.


This technique is very versatile and when you get the hang of it, you can use it in all kinds of ways. Here are a couple of the cards I made when practicing this technique.

7_27 8_17


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