Step-by-Step: Eighteen Months

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Article courtesy; by Jessica Porter

I always like to do a simple and quick page to document what my girls are up to at certain ages. When I saw these Glitz Design papers, I knew they were just what I was looking for. I like to add a bit of "glitz" while focusing on the milestones on pages like this, and these papers were just right!




  1. Create the "eighteen months" title just under six inches long in a word processing program. Print onto white cardstock.
  2. Adhere a 4" x 6" photo next to the text.
  3. Trim the white cardstock, leaving a small border around photo and an inch of white space beside the title.
  4. Adhere the white cardstock with the title and the photo onto pink 8 ½" x 11" cardstock.
  5. Punch out three small circles and two large circles from patterned paper.
  6. Adhere the three small circles along the left edge of white cardstock, using a ruler to align them in a row.
  7. Cut the two larger circles in half, and adhere one to the top right of pink cardstock, the other to the bottom left.
  8. Create journaling strips in a word processing program; print them onto white cardstock.
  9. Cut out the journaling strips; adhere them on the bottom right of the photo.

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