Glam It up with Glimmer Mist

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Article courtesy Scrapjazz; by Jane Swanson


1_45With names like Candy Apple Red, Peach Delight, Lemon Zest, Honey Dew Mist, Sea Glass and Juneberry Wine, it is a delightful challenge to pick your favorite from over 50 colors of the new product Glimmer Mist. A 2 oz. bottle sells for $6.89 and you are going to want every color of this addicting product, so start saving now for all your projects.

The "glimmer" in this mist is archival and acid-free. It does settle at the bottom of the bottle, so before each use, it is necessary to shake well to distribute it. You might want to place your project in a box or protected area when spraying as well. Stained fingers are a possibility so you might want to wear gloves. Because Glimmer Mist is water-based it can be re-hydrated with water. This makes it possible to re-use dried puddles on your Teflon craft mat, stamps and stencils.

Glimmer Mist Techniques:

Direct to Paper
Create interesting backgrounds by spraying (moving your arm as if applying hairspray) across a piece of paper, or spritz puddles and use a brayer to move and blend the colors. A quick spray of this fine mist creates a light tone of glittery shine. A darker shade can be achieved by layering one mist on top of another and drying between applications. You can achieve a completely different look by combining different colors. Drying with a heat gun between colors will quickly set the mist and you can also blend pooled colors while blowing with the hot air. When you dry as you go, it will help to reduce warping. If your paper curls, you can heat from the other side or even iron it to flatten it out. Cover your work with a clean sheet of paper before ironing.

Stamping Use a stamp with just a few bold details. Spray the mist, using one or several colors onto a Teflon craft mat or wax/plastic paper. Place the stamp into the "misty" puddle. Stamp your image on paper. This procedure works especially well with foam stamps.

Stenciling With lighter plastic stencils you might want to lightly tape the edges down to prevent seepage. Lightly spray the mist. For more intense color, add more layers, allowing the mist to dry in between applications. Carefully remove the stencil and flip it over to achieve a reverse watercolor image. Brass stencils can simply be placed down on the paper and sprayed, then lifted. If the product is allowed to dry on the stencil, it can be spritzed with water and used again. Lace and plastic or paper doilies can also be used as stencils. Try sponging instead of spraying the stencil for another effect.

Masking Similar to stencils, masking involves blocking out larger areas. Silk flowers, leaves, and chipboard can be sprayed with Glimmer Mist and a mirror image will be left behind. The sprayed objects can then be used as accents on the sprayed page. Using a liquid mask called Miskit you can paint over areas or images. Allow the mask to dry, spray the mist, allow it to dry and then rub off the Miskit.

Transparencies Spraying onto a transparency or plastic image will cause the product to bead or form tiny pools on the surface. This can create an interesting effect but requires patience for complete drying.


For the cards, A Cup Of Christmas Cheer, I sprayed the background paper using direct-to-paper techniques. For the image, I used stencils and flipped them over to create a reverse image. I sprayed the acetate snowflakes and the beaded effect created shimmery pools on top. I used a red Prismacolor marker to color the backside of the snowflake. The font I used is called Jack Frost.

Glimmer Mist now has a blog that will keep you on the cutting edge of new and exciting techniques. They can also keep you apprised of the newest color releases. Before you know it, you'll be adding Oriental Poppy, Harvest Orange, Antique Brass and Lavender Fields to your growing collection of must-have colors.


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