By: Jill Davis

I began creating scrapbooks for the same reasons many of you have - to preserve memories and to express my feelings in a medium that can be handed down through generations. Scrapbooking gives us all a means to transmit our memories, love, and encouragement through the ages. Our children and their children will be able to get to know us and feel close to us long after we are gone.

The human need to preserve memories for oneself and others is very strong. Scrapbooking meets those needs and also manifests an affirmation of life's value. It binds families together, connects generations, and builds relationships. It's also enjoyable, social, creative, and a great respite from life's daily pressures.

We founded because we saw a way for scrapbookers to come together and share their love of memories through the art of scrapbooking.Thank you for sharing your ideas, your time, and your friendship here at

-- Jill Davis (President and Founder)


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