Sketch 0002


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Article Courtesy by Andrea Steed

February, the "month of love," sort of lends itself to a heart-shaped theme.  So this month's sketch challenge requires a BIG heart.


For my first crack at this sketch, I stuck to the basic design, but took the embellishments a step farther to make it a more "messy" design instead of the clean lines shown in the sketch.  Textured paper, machine stitching, a flourish rub-on, staggered photos and random-sized journaling strips take the design from clean and straight to warm and vintage.


My second attempt was much more clean-lined.  First, I flipped the design and exaggerated the tilt in the heart to mimic a pregnant silhouette.  Also, instead of using individual photos, I created a photo strip of five images creating a 2.5" x 9.5" collage.


Sheredian Vickers also flipped the design of the sketch, but included only two photos to allow for their larger size.  She also layered the photos and added tab embellishments to label each photo.


Finally, I converted the sketch to create a Valentine's Day card for my daughter, using a less-traditional color scheme of pink, green and turquoise, using brads instead of photos for the three boxes in the sketch. 


I love the impact made by the giant heart design in this sketch.  If a heart doesn't quite fit the bill, try a star, a flower or even Mickey ears!


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