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Article Courtesy by Georgina Hefferman

One of the things I have been doing more and more of this year is planning pages before I start creating. I try not to think too much about the sketch itself; I just put pen to paper and scribble something that resembles a layout. I then use this basic sketch to create my work. I find that it helps me to work quicker and more productively. Sure, I don't always stick directly to the sketch but that's the beauty - you make it your own.

I used the same principle for this month's sketch challenge. I quickly scribbled a layout design on paper and then presented this to the Design Team members on the Scrap Whispers challenge blog and asked them to work their magic!


Here is what we came up with:

Georgina Hefferman


I took the sketch, stretched it out and used three photos instead of four. I kept the layout clean and simple so as to focus on the photographs themselves. By creating my own embellishments using stamps I added some interest to break up the straight lines. I overlapped the title across my photographs and used two strips of cardstock for my journaling. 

Nancy Stoltz


I love what Nancy has done with this sketch. She has only used two photographs but has still covered all of the space on the page. She has used one main color which makes the layout pop and to create a depth of field she mounted her photographs in black. Instead of adding a title Nancy has focused on her journaling strips and simply added the age of her son on the embellishment. She has also made sure she has symmetry on her layout by mirroring the embellishments in the top left and bottom right corners.

Nilsa Gonzalez


With five girls in her family, Nilsa has created a really girlie Christmas layout using lots of pinks and greens, which is really refreshing. She has only used two photos but has inserted a square of patterned paper instead and a flowery embellishment with the year noted to continue the diagonal gradient. The spotty background ties all of the embellishments and photos in nicely and the funky multicolored title completes the look. Instead of overlapping the title over the larger photo Nilsa has chosen to keep this separate and centered. Instead of journaling strips she has also added a subtitle.  I really like how Nilsa has added interest with some bobbley ribbon to symbolise the decoration on her tree.

Sarah Sines


Continuing the Christmas in March theme, Sarah has produced this adorable boyish layout.  She has again only used two photographs but has added her journaling in place of the third. I love how she has used a little flower and some bling on a male page; that's something that is very difficult to do without making it look girly!  [K1] The touch of sparkle in the title also enhances the festive feel to the layout and by outlining the colored part of the title in black it makes it stand out.  Sarah has chosen a large Christmas bauble embellishment for the bottom left of her page that ties the photos together perfectly.

Telah Wrenn


Isn't this layout cute? Telah has stuck to the position of the photographs but raised this higher on her page and placed them over two vertical strips of patterned paper.  Using three photographs she has used the space on the bottom right of her page for her large and pretty bird embellishment. I love the little touches on Telah's layout - she has a decorative edge to one sheet of her patterned paper and a swirly leaf design across the top of the page. The little bits of sparkle added to the centers of the flowers and the eye really emphasis the snow in the photographs as does the cool-feeling color palette she has used.

Karry Weaver


Karry has created this bold, clean and simple layout about her husband tubing last year.  Instead of scrapping a square 12" x 12" page Karry has broken the mold and scrapped a more rectangular shape. She has followed this through to her photographs that take the same shape, but by using the circle diecut snowflake embellishment she has created a different feel again.  Her title overlaps the main photograph nicely and the journaling on the strips of matching paper are very effective.  I love the way she has mounted her photos onto white cardstock; not only does this emphasise the snow in the pictures, it also draws you into the photographs.

So there you have it. One quick sketch and six completely different interpretations. That is the beauty of a sketch, you can flip it, twist it, mirror it, use all or only part of it - the choice really is yours. 

I hope you give the sketch a try yourself and don't forget to upload it to the Scrapjazz gallery so we can all see your creations.


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