Travel Scrapbooking: Las Vegas

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Article Courtesy by Andrea Steed

Flashing lights, spectacular shows, casino sounds and the smell of money all come to mind when I think of a Las Vegas vacation.  I've had the opportunity to visit "sin city" twice, and although gambling isn't really my thing, there are still so many fun things to do and see while you're there.  Especially if you travel with a camera! 

I've also found that scrapbooking all my Las Vegas photos is a lot of fun.  Here are some must-have photo ideas and scrapbook layout ideas for your next Las Vegas vacation:

1_253The Architecture & Art

The architecture and décor is simply unbelievable in Las Vegas.  From a giant pyramid to the Eiffel Tower all the way to the Stratosphere needle, it's hard not to be awed by the creativity and extremity of it all.  Be sure to capture your favorites.

Las Vegas Hotels by Andrea Steed

Stratosphere by Andrea Steed

MGM Grand Hotel by Niccinaussie

Venetian by Crafterbeth

2_172The Lights

One of my favorite scenes in Las Vegas is the gleam of all the lights when I'm looking down the strip at night.  They just radiate excitement and activity.  Don't forget the Fremont Street Experience downtown where you can watch an entire light show above the street.

Sin City by Andrea Steed

I Love Paris by Shelley Burkett

Bellagio Fountains by Andrea Steed

Fremont Street Las Vegas by Skigirl

3_144The Shows

You can hardly make a trip to Las Vegas without catching a show or two.  Some are better than others...but all are a lot of fun!  Even if you can't take photos while you're at the show (often cameras are not allowed), you can still create great scrapbook pages documenting the experience.  Save the program and the tickets and maybe snag a photograph outside the theater.  You might even get to take some photos with the performers after the show if you're lucky!

Cirque du Soleil by Andrea Steed

Blue Man Group by Choubox

Mirage Volcano by Pretty Lady

Super Stars by Polly

The Casinos

Most folks headed to Las Vegas have their eyes filled with dollar signs, hoping to win big in the casinos.  Although the odds are against you, it can be fun to play. (Just don't get carried away!) 

Gambling by Scrappy Julez

Casino Shaker Box by Ayah519

The Experience

If you're not interested in a page-by-page scrapbook telling about everything you saw and did while in Las Vegas, you can always create a collage-style layout hitting the highlights.  I like to include pictures of the people who went on the trip, a few places we went, the food we ate, and maybe even a map of the Strip to mark all the places you saw.  And don't forget to journal!


Las Vegas - 2006 by Andrea Steed

Las Vegas Vacation by Andrea Steed

What Happens in Vegas by Scrappy Julez

Las Vegas Fabulous Fun by Polly

Just seeing all these photos is starting to give me Vegas fever!


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