Lollipop Flower Tutorial

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Article Courtesy Sam Ewens (


Draw 4 or 5 circles (up to you how many, I did 4 for this tutorial) in ascending size. You can skip this step and the next if you can cut out circles free hand.

Roughly cut them out, (they do not have to be perfect). Erase any pencil mark you have left from drawing them.
Put a pencil into the centre of the circle (this is used as a guide).

Scrunch the circle card stock up around the pencil,the scrunchier (is that a word) the better.

Unfold the petal and repeat this process for all 4 or 5 petals.

Take some snow writer (as seen in the pic) or anything similar.

and apply it to the outer edge of the scrunched petal, you could try inking the edge for another different effect. Do this to all the petals and leave them to dry.

Layer the circles on top of one another in ascending order and use a piercing tool or similar tool to make a hole in the centre of the flower petals.

Insert a brad into the hole.

There you are, one Lollipop flower
The thing I like about these flowers, is the fact that you can just use scraps of cardstock and you can make them as big as you want LOL, they virtually cost nothing, which in todays climate is a really good thing, this means more money to spend on other craft essentials.


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