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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Tiffany Roberts

Historically a tussie-mussie  was a small Victorian bridal bouquet.  In the decades that followed, this term also became synonymous with a small cone-shaped vessel to hold a single flower or some other type of treat. Tussie-mussies were popular during May Day celebrations, and you may even remember making them in school as a child.

Here are three tussie-mussie-inspired projects.  The basic shape is a cone, roughly two-thirds of a circle bound together with very strong adhesive.  I recommend Tacky Tape to ensure the stability of your cone. Punch holes in either side and use ribbons, fabric strips or the medium of your choice to create a handle.

You can start off with a premade cone from the floral department of your local craft store, you can create your own cone by hand, or you could use something premade, such as a party hat, for your cone.

This first project is made from a party hat. I found a few hats at a thrift shop for pennies.  After applying a layer of paint I made a border strip from crepe paper and added ribbons and embellishments.

1_264 2_180


  • patterned paper - Making Memories
  • ribbon - May Arts
  • scallop punch - McGill
  • party hat
  • crepe paper

This second tussie-mussie cone was made by cutting a pie-shaped wedge out of a piece of premade circular paper from Creative Imaginations.  This piece already had a scalloped edge with holes, perfect for stringing a decorative ribbon through for added dimension. There are several designers selling circular-shaped papers these days.  This makes putting together a tussie-mussie cone very quick and easy.   With so many stylish options such as the Ella pattern from Making Memories or an adorable option from Autumn Leaves you can create a cone that matches anyone's personality.



My last tussie-mussie was made by hand.  In order to get a large enough circle I drew an arch shape from the top left corner of the paper to the bottom right corner.  After cutting out my semi-circle shape I assembled a narrow cone and embellished it with vintage lace and a pretty patterned paper.  For a more vintage look you could use old sheet music, wallpaper samples, or handmade papers.

The handle for this tussie-mussie is made from a coordinating sheet of cardstock-weight patterned paper.  Something simple like this is perfect to hold a bunch of flowers or a gift of fresh herbs for someone special.

I like using double-sided, cardstock-weight papers because the cone will be as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.



  • patterned paper - Making Memories
  • vintage lace binding
  • buttons
  • mini plaque embellishment -The Card Connection

Here are a few more ideas for crafting your own tussie-mussies.

  • Create several mini cones from wrapping paper for your holiday tree. Place small gifts or candies inside.
  • Make a Mother's Day cone with a small plastic vase inside to hold Mom's favorite flower.
  • Hang a cone on your guest room door with soaps and small essentials inside for your guests.
  • Baby shower-themed cones are adorable with booties, pacifiers and other small gift items inside.
  • Welcome a new neighbor with a cone filled with treats and important local numbers, such as the dry cleaner, school, bakery, or pharmacy.
  • Create a cone for a special grandparent by using one of your children's drawings to make the cone.  Fill with coupons for a day at the park or for help doing chores.
  • Create a masculine-themed cone and fill with fishing lures, BBQ spices, golf balls and tees or anything else pertaining to his favorite hobby.
  • Use tussie-mussie cones as a fun invitation to a neighborhood picnic.  Hang one from all the neighbors' doors with a treat and the invitation stuffed inside.

Tussie-mussies are a great gift idea for Secretary Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, or just to say thank you to someone special.  They are easy to make, and can be made to fit any theme or personality.  Experiment with different sizes and widths of cones to vary the look.  A long narrow cone can be quite elegant, while a fat, shorter cone will hold larger items.  If you purchase a premade cone consider altering the outside with paint, fabric, leather, patterned papers, or even vinyl.  If you can cut it into a circle and bend it then you can make a tussie-mussie out of it.  Go wild - and soon you'll see how addictive these fun little cones are to make!


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