Step-by-Step: Destination Family

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Article Courtesy by Andrea Steed

One large print of a family photo, lots of people, and a busy background prompted this simple design. I wanted to avoid detracting from the photograph as much as possible since the layout was made for a frame in my mom's office. The Teresa Collins Destination paper was the perfect way to provide a mat for the photograph as well as add to the title, since the photo was taken on a family vacation.




  1. Trim an 8" x 10" photograph to about 7" x 9", cutting out any un-needed background.
  2. 2_148Carefully cut the center circle out from the Teresa Collins Travelogue paper, just outside the black outline.
  3. Adhere the cut circle slightly off-center on a sheet of white cardstock, trimming off the excess to create a flat edge along the left-hand side of the layout.
  4. Adhere the photograph so that it touches the edge of the red stripe on the left side and is about 1 ½" from the top of the layout. The photograph will be virtually centered on the layout.
  5. Add a ribbon edge to the bottom and the lower right corner of the photograph by folding the corner up and cutting the edge of the ribbon at an angle for a finished edge.
  6. Paint the lowercase letters "F" and "Y" black and let dry.
  7. Adhere the letters to spell "FAMILY" across the bottom of the photograph, slightly overlapping the ribbon and circle photo mat.
  8. Finally, add a silver star brad to dot the "I".



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