Color Triangles

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish



Repetition is an important part of layout design. When an item is repeated it lends unity and balance to a layout. One thing that can be repeated is color. By repeating the same color in a layout, the layout will have more unity.

Another important design feature is the visual triangle. By repeating items in an odd number such as three, the layout is more interesting. When you repeat something in three spots on the layout those items are connected together and form a visual triangle. Visual triangles are a form of repetition that provides unity to a layout.

An easy way to add balance and unity to a layout is to not only create a visual triangle but to use color as the form of repetition. Here are some examples of using color in a visual triangle.

Repeat Colored Text in a Triangle. Use text, whether it be a font, letter stickers, chipboard letters or letter stamps, in three places on a layout in the same color. The three colored text areas will unify the layout by drawing the eye around the layout. In "Archery 101" I created the title in the upper left corner. I added the words "the story" near the journaling block on the right side. Finally, I connected them with the date near the lower left corner.


Repeat Color with a Combination of Text and an Element. While creating a visual triangle with text in a single color works, the color combination doesn't have to be just text. Consider using embellishments as one of the three parts of the visual triangle. In "Jackie's Birthday" I used brown text twice for the words "celebrate" and "Happy Birthday." For the third piece of the triangle I used a brown bow.


Consider other things that can provide color, such as background papers. In "Disneyland Christmas" I used red text twice but finished the triangle with a square of red cardstock.


Repeat Color with Three Different Elements. The element doesn't have to be limited to embellishments or text. Consider other areas of color such as paper or even  a photograph itself. In "Halloween" I created a visual triangle with three different elements: the red text "October," the red heart and the red hat in the photograph. Together, the three red objects draw your eye around the layout.


Repetition and color are two ways to create unity and balance. They can be used effectively together in any layout design.


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