Journaling About Mom

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

Each of us has a mother or a mother figure in our lives. These are women who work with us, teach us and inspire us. These are special relationships. Consider adding them into your scrapbooks or do a mini-album about them. Here are some topics that you could consider using for journaling.

Her Role. What role does your mother have in your life? How do people see her? Mothers contribute by having several roles at once such as teacher, comforter, taxi driver, encourager, cook, seamstress, etc. These are all important roles and ones that should be documented. Think about your mother and which roles she has played for you and for other people. Write a paragraph or two highlighting each of these roles.

Her Hobbies. What hobbies does your mother have? Think about your hobbies - are there any connections with your mother? We all have activities we like to do when we are not working, such as traveling, hiking, and crafts. Think about your mother and the things she enjoys. Document them with journaling. If the hobby is something unfamiliar or complicated, search for information about it on the Internet. Document about the hobby itself and how your mother participated in it. In my album about my mother I included two pages of interests and hobbies my mother passed on to my brother and me.


Her Successes. What successes has your mother achieved? It could be something big or something small. Think about what accomplishments made her the most proud. Also consider the same question from your own angle - what accomplishments of your mother made you the most proud? Use these successes as a topic for journaling. Use quotes from your mother or other people to add to your journaling. In my album about my mother I recorded her graduation from nursing school. I included journaling and photocopies of important related documents.


Her Heritage. Where did your mother come from and how did it shape her? Heritage plays a big role in our personalities and our viewpoints. Where we grew up and with whom we grew up influences us. If you haven't documented your mother's heritage, then take some time to do it. It can be some basic information such as a family tree or it can be more detailed such as an entire album of memories. Consider these topics for discussing your mother's heritage: family, early home, early school, early friends, early travel and relatives.

Her Inspiration. How did your mother inspire you? Mothers are incredible people who work hard and have an incredible influence on their children. How did that play out for you? Did she inspire you by her words, her actions or her priorities? Think about who you are and how it was shaped by the inspiration of your mother. If you remember a quote from your mother, use it in a layout. If you have a story of something she did once that impacted you, record the story. If it was her general attitude, describe that. In my scrapbook about my mother I wrote about how she inspired me in my enjoyment of crafts.


Mothers are special and their contributions are important. Write them down and keep those memories alive.


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