Book Review: Organize Your Digital Life


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Article Courtesy by Allyson Bright Meyer

These days in scrapbooking, different styles abound. Some designers like things clean and simple. Others like things worn and shabby. And many fall somewhere in between. But if there's one thing all scrapbookers have in common, it would be photographs - and plenty of them. 

1_304One of the many hurdles that lots of scrapbookers face is finding a way to organize the hundreds - even thousands - of photos that found their way into the pile. That's where Organize Your Digital Life, a new book by Aimee Baldridge, comes in. While this book contains information on organizing all aspects of digital media, scrapbookers will delight at the extensive section dedicated to organizing photographs.

Are you stuck with piles of old prints and don't know how to get them on your computer without a lot of hassle? Have an old box of slides or negatives? This book will guide you through your options, explain the pros and cons of each, and ultimately help determine which route is best for you. Are you a digital photographer with thousands of photos and no way to locate what you need on your computer? Baldridge offers practical advice to help you find a system that will meet your needs.

Ready to take it to the next level? Organize Your Digital Life will not only help you with the basics, but also with tackling the backlog of your media collection and helping you create a digital system that works for you. Detailed guidance is provided in the form of comparison charts and fill-in-the-blank worksheets that will help you develop a plan to get your media organized.

In addition to tackling your piles (digital or otherwise) of photographs, this book also offers detailed instructions on how to digitize and organize video. Regardless of whether you're trying to make sense of the videos on your camera phone or converting old film reels, this book will provide the expert guidance you need to successfully manage your collection. Can't manage your mp3 music files? Have a stack of old LP records? Again, no matter your situation, this book is here to help.

Organize Your Digital Life is unique in that it is the first truly comprehensive resource that will help you develop a complete strategy that works best for your collection, your needs, and your budget. Instead of quick tips with little background, this book dives in to great detail, helping even a novice computer user achieve great results.


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