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Article Courtesy by Kayla Richards

Pink, red, white, and black - I have found that this color combination extends past Valentine's Day! It's a perfect color scheme for little girls' layouts. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to create your very own layout just like this featured layout!


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  1. Start by trimming your papers. This layout consists of lots of "little goodies," so be prepared to have some fun trimming!
  2. Leave the sheet of black cardstock as is. Next, take your kraft-colored cardstock and trim it to 7½" by 10". Next, take your sheet of the "Mini Hearts" paper, cut a strip 7 ½" inches wide, and just as tall as the hearts themselves. 
  3. Now, turn over the "Mini Hearts" paper and cut out the word of your choice. (I chose ‘SWEET.') Then, create the large photo mat by trimming the "Star Document" paper to 7" by 4 ½", with the stripes going vertically.
  4. Next, grab your sheet of "Crush Notes" paper. Find the tag with the heart and wings. From the tag, trim a strip of dots 3 ½" inches wide and just as tall as the dots themselves. Also from this paper, cut out the red heart from the big pink heart tag.
  5. Finally, take the "Tickets" paper and find the hot pink ticket with the black polka dots. Use a pencil to draw a heart on this ticket. Then, cut the heart out.
  6. Now, trim your photo to 5" by 3 ½".
  7. Now it's time to start putting all the "little goodies" together! Begin by placing the black sheet of cardstock horizontally. Next, take your sheet of kraft paper and place it diagonally over the top of the cardstock to add a little funk to your layout!
  8. Next, take your chipboard letter stickers and spell out your sentiment. If your sentiment does not allow for the flowers to be used in place of a letter, layering the pink and red flowers adhered with a brad is optional.
  9. Now, place your "Star Document" paper on the layout, as shown. I used decorative scissors to jazz up the top of the paper. Then, it's time to layer! Place the "Mini Hearts" strip at the left edge of the kraft paper and align it with the bottom of the "Star Document" paper.
  10. Next, place the photo just above the "Mini Hearts" paper. Then, add the red heart so it hangs past the right side of the "Star Document" paper, and layer the hot pink paper just a little over the red heart. Then, add your chosen word sentiment  over the two hearts.
  11. Last, take the black polka dot paper and place it under the hearts.

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