Step-by-Step: 3 Weeks

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Article Courtey by Jessica Porter

I've been slowly working my way through my oldest daughter's baby pictures.  I scrapped her baby book(s) several years ago, but wanted to condense her first year into a book all its own with the focus more on the important things and with a simple design.  This layout is one of four to document her first four weeks of life.  Isn't it amazing how quickly they change that first month?




  1. Cut Making Memories paper down to 8 ½" x 7 ½"; adhere in the center of white cardstock.
  2. Round the top corners of a 4" x 6" photograph using a corner rounder punch.
  3. Cut a 6" x ½" strip from Bazzill Bling cardstock; round the bottom edges.
  4. Measure ½" from the top of the patterned paper and adhere a photo.
  5. Measure ½" from the bottom of the patterned paper and adhere the cardstock strip, rounded corners down.
  6. Place the "3" sticker in between the cardstock strip and the photo, on the left.
  7. Place letter stickers that spell "weeks" above the green cardstock, keeping a space of 3" open to the right for journaling.
  8. Cut a small heart out of coordinating patterned paper; adhere it alongside the "3".
  9. Place the Prima flower with the brad alongside the paper heart, lining it up with the "weeks" letter stickers.
  10. Using a pencil and ruler, sketch in lines for journaling in the open space to the right of the title.
  11. Fill in journaling using pen, and erase the pencil lines.   

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