Sketch 0010

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Article Courtesy by Boysmom

I have a tendency to keep my photos all lined up on my layouts. I created this month's sketch to challenge myself to arrange my photos on a slant.


The sketch provides seven slanted spaces that can be used for photos, journaling, patterned paper, or embellishments. The relative size of these spaces can be changed, and the number of them can be changed as well. There is a lot of background space that can be used for additional journaling or embellishments. I asked three designers to interpret the sketch and here are their results.

Andrea Steed used the sketch to create this beautiful layout.


She used photos in five of the slanted spaces and patterned paper in the others. She added circles to draw attention to a couple of photos of her adorable baby. She put her journaling in the lower right corner.

Jennifer Sizemore used the sketch to create this fabulous layout.


She used four of the spaces for photos and filled the others with patterned paper or embellishments. She also added some embellishments by the title which nicely balances the layout.

Mary Eason used the sketch in two very different ways.


In this layout, she rotated the sketch and only used one row of slanted photos. She surrounded it by two narrower rows of patterned paper sections and scalloped edges.


In her other layout, Mary straightened out the slant and used a variety of photo sizes. It's interesting to see how the same designer created two layouts from the same sketch, and yet they look entirely different from one another.

In my layout, I changed the relative width of the columns so I could use horizontal photos in one column and vertical photos in the other.


I used ribbons to separate the columns. Since the ribbons cover the edges of the photos, it allowed me a little margin of error when cutting my photos into diagonal shapes.

I hope you enjoy using the sketch. As you've seen from the examples here, you can change it, rotate it, and make it your own.


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