Journaling By Kids

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

Most often journaling comes from the point of view of the scrapbooker. We tell the story as we remember it. Sometimes, though, it is nice to get the story from another point of view. When you can, it is memorable to get the point of view from kids. It isn't always easy though! Here are some suggestions for getting journaling done by kids.

Ask Them to Write. There is no better way to get journaling by a kid than to ask them to do it. Often times, we don't even think to ask them so we need to consider asking them more often. Older children can write the journaling themselves either in their own handwriting or on a computer. For younger children or a reluctant writer they can tell you what they want to say and you can write it for them. Asking kids to write the journaling for a page can really get their viewpoint of the event.

School Projects. Kids must write for school assignments. Often they write interesting things. Those written words of theirs can be used for journaling on a layout. There are many different writing projects. From filling in an information sheet about himself or herself to writing a personal essay or narrative, check their work for journaling that could be used in a scrapbook. When my daughter made a little book at school in kindergarten, I put the text on a layout about her.


E-mail. With the advent of e-mail and the Internet, kids are writing more. E-mail can be a great source of information for a layout. What a kid writes could be interesting and become part of a layout. With my daughter's permission I will be able to use her e-mail that she wrote to her friends about her summer vacation as a basis for some of our summer vacation pages. Not only will my viewpoint be included but hers will as well.

Ask for input. It never hurts to ask kids for their input on a layout you are creating. They may be quite happy to contribute some thoughts or even write something. I have used input from my children on layouts such as one I did about our favorite movie quotes. I also asked them about a layout I was creating about tips for enjoying Disneyland. They had suggestions that I hadn't considered and I was able to incorporate their views as well as my own.


Quotes. Kids are always saying great things so remember to write them down. An exchange of ideas or conversation can work as well as a quote. Quotes and snippets of conversation make great additions to a layout or they can be the main focus of an entire layout.

With some of these ideas, you can create great pages that include the viewpoint of kids as well as adults.

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