Step-by-Step: Just Beyond the Bridge

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Article Courtesy by Jane Swanson

Some of my layouts hang on my walls instead of sleeping in my scrapbooks.  This is one of those pages that make me smile so I want to see it often.  Maybe you have a photo that you'd like to feature in your home on a daily basis. Print it in a 5" x 7" format and let's scrap it for framing!




  1. Mount a 5" x 7" photo on white cardstock leaving a 1" margin at the top.
  2. Tear the top border of the white cardstock.
  3. Cut a 5" x 10" piece of the Fuzzy Navel paper.
  4. Adhere the 5" x 10" piece to printer paper with removable adhesive and run it through your printer to print your journaling.
  5. Cut two scraps (one 3/4" x 6" and one 3/8" x 8 ½") of paper in a color that matches your photo.  I chose a gold color that reflects the rocks in the stream.
  6. Adhere the ¾" x 6" strip to a piece of printer paper with removable adhesive and run it through your printer for part of the title.
  7. Stamp the other 3/8" x 8 1/2" with a date stamp.
  8. Using the BasicGrey Lime Rickey Blue Moon paper as a base, adhere the journaling strip at the bottom edge, two inches from the left.
  9. Center the photo on the journaling strip and overlap it about one inch.
  10. Adhere the gold title strip ¾" from the top and 2" from the right.
  11. Adhere the gold date stamp strip 1" from the left and 2/8" from the bottom (or higher if your journaling allows).
  12. Choose an appropriate chipboard piece and attach it to the top left corner covering ½" of the gold title strip.
  13. Attach the Thickers Alphabet letters in the space between the top of the photo and the bottom of the gold title strip, overlapping the journaling paper.
  14. At the bottom right corner of the photo, attach parentheses from the chipboard pack and the alphabet pack.

A special memory becomes a daily focal point to hang in your home!  Enjoy!


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