10 Tips for Unifying an Album

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Denise Gormish

Everyone loves the attractive look of a scrapbook album that seems to flow from page to page seamlessly. The pages harmonize even though they weren't created in exactly the same way. Any album, large or small, can look coordinated. Here are some tips to unify your scrapbook:

  1. Colors. A unifying element to any layout is the colors. When the colors work together, it makes the layout work. Repeating the same color scheme throughout an entire album can make the album work better as a whole.
  2. Journaling Font. A simple way to coordinate pages in an album is to be consistent about the font or handwriting style being used for the journaling. For my recent album, European Vacation, I wrote the text on the computer using the font Garamond for each page.

  3. Repetitive Embellishments. Repeating an embellishment on your pages will also make the pages flow together. On my pages, I enjoy adding flowers. To keep the look coordinated I will use the same types of flowers from one layout to another layout.

  4. Coordinated Titles. Titles will be different from the journaling font. In the same way, though, they can provide continuity from layout to layout. When I did an album about my European vacation, I repeated the same title design on each page. My font and its size remained consistent and kept the pages flowing.


  5. Dating the Layout. Keep your layouts coordinated by adding the date in the same spot on each page.

  6. Photo Framing. When doing a layout purposefully choose how to frame your photographs. Whether using a big pre-made frame or just mounting the photo on a piece of cardstock, use the same framing technique as a way to coordinate the album.

  7. Background Paper. Using the same line of paper or same color of cardstock for the background can coordinate an album. In my European vacation album I used a clean, white background to make the photos shine and to coordinate the pages.


  8. Design Feature. The way you design your pages can lend itself to repetition. Think about how you design pages, what you like and how it can be repeated. For example, I like to include a thin black border about 2 inches in from the border. I used this same technique over and over again in my European vacation album to coordinate the layouts.


  9. Style. Consider the scrapping style you want for your pages. Do you like a graphic style? Shabby chic? Simple? Whimsical? Determine what style you want to use in your album and keep it consistent.

  10. Coordinated Section Pages. Even if you can't coordinate every page, consider creating section pages in your album that can be coordinated. The sections could be used for the new seasons or months. In my European vacation album I used the same style pages for each section that introduced a new city on our trip.


Whether you use one or all of these tips, your scrapbook album will look more coordinated and attractive.

Coordinated Album Example: European Album

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