Step-by-Step: Adore You

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Article Courtesy by Trish Dykes

When I was 24, I worked at an antique store and developed a love for treasures of the past. From old quilts to fine china pieces, I could not help but wonder about the item's history. Had it traveled hundreds of miles across barren land? Or come from the local five-and-dime? Was it cherished by its owners? Or was it something that they could not wait to replace? Each memento, unique to the era from which it came, had a story to tell.

Seeing this new Cherry Hill paper line from October Afternoon takes me back to my days in the antique store. The colors and patterns mimic those that one might find as a tea time apron or Sunday satchel or torn straight out of the family dictionary.


Paired with soft velvet ribbons and a silver-rimmed brad, the papers are brought together to create a classic layout. Here is how I did it.



  1. Cut the red patterned paper to 8 ½" by 11", the definition side of the Tea Towel paper to 7" by 9" and the gray polka dot paper to 1" by 8 ½ ".
  2. Mount a photo on a piece of cream cardstock measuring 4 1/4" by 8 ½".
  3. Adhere the definition paper to the red background paper, 3/4" from the top edge. Glue the gray polka dot paper ½" in from the right edge and overlap it 1/4" with the photo block.
  4. Cut three pieces of ribbon, 8 1/4" in length. Use silver brads to secure the ribbon across the bottom of the layout under the photo. Tie three smaller ribbon pieces onto the ribbon strips as desired.
  5. Add title using the red trim alphabet stickers and rub-on letters. Place a heart brad above the title and a silver-rimmed brad in the upper left-hand corner of the definitions paper. Finish by adding a gray button.
  6. Use a black pen to add a date to the layout on the bottom edge of the photo block.

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