Using Maps to Chart Vacations

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

Vacation pages and vacation albums are a great way to remember a trip. The photographs, journaling and travel-themed embellishments bring back memories of the trip. It is easy, though, to forget to add a page that not only explains the destination but the route as well. To recall the route, it is important to add maps to vacation pages and vacation albums. Maps can show many things in a visual form that cannot be explained otherwise.

Finding Maps. There are many sources for maps. Actual physical maps can be used and featured on a scrapbook page. Maps can be scanned or found on the Internet. For a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains I downloaded a park map from the national service and opened it in Adobe Photoshop. In my photo-processing program I edited the map as needed to include it on my layout. Maps can also be acquired from digital scrapbook suppliers who will have created them in a high-resolution form so you can size and adjust them as needed without losing quality.

Trace a Path. Maps can be used to trace a route for a vacation. Use a pen and show the path on the map. Other paths such as city walks, tours or hiking trails also can be traced on a map. Another way to get a path is to create a route on an Internet mapping site such as Mapquest and then use it in your layout design. In Suzelle Kasaian's vacation album she included a layout featuring a map that traced their vacation route.


Highlight Something. You can also highlight something in the map. You could highlight sites visited or the location of a city. The spot can be highlighted with pen or small embellishments. In my Europe travel album I highlighted the cities we visited on the trip with red brads.


Clarify a Story. Maps can also be essential to telling a story. A map positioned next to a journaling entry can make the journaling more interesting and easier to follow. Whether you are documenting a tour, a trip or a hike, a map alongside the journaling will make your story clearer. In my layout about visiting many of the states of the U.S.A., I found it necessary to include a map of the country. The map of the country also allowed me to make visually clear which states I had visited and which I had not visited yet.


So give some direction and visual clarity to your layout design and vacation by including maps.

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