Sketch 0014

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Article Courtesy by Heidi Anne Giebel

This month I took a simple sketch that included two photos and a tag for journaling. I was able to use this sketch for five different themed scrapbook pages, remaining true to the basic design but altering it slightly for each.


The page below is the closest to the sketch, using one rectangular photo and one round photo matted on a scalloped circle. The strips of patterned paper that run up the left side and across the bottom, frame the main photo with the title underneath. The tag with the journaling is set above the round photo tilted slightly to add interest to the page.


This heritage scrapbook page substitutes large paper flowers for the circular photo. In keeping with the look of the flowers, the tag is also round. The paper strips crisscross and run off the page on the far right and top, creating the illusion of more space in the midst of the busy patterned paper.


This layout retains the double photo and placement of the title but takes only a hint of inspiration from the original sketch. The top right photo is the smaller accent photo and the large bottom rectangular photo draws the eye in as the main focal point of the page. The strip of patterned paper running horizontally across the page ties the whole layout together.


This simple scrapbook page uses all the elements from the original sketch, yet has a unique feel due to the similarly shaped photos and noticeably smaller tag. A few small cat embellishments and some mesh behind the title adds a touch of whimsy to this page.


Lastly, on this layout, I substituted a framed photo for the journaling tag and placed the journaling on strips of paper across the far right of the main photo.  The wavy strips of paper and the large Little Mermaid embellishment were the perfect complement to this "under the sea" themed layout.


I hope that this month's sketch and layouts will inspire you to create a page of your own and post it in the gallery.


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