Learn to Scrapbook 17-Saving Time and Money

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Two of the biggest factors that can prevent a would-be scrapbooker from getting started are time and money. Let’s be honest, these are the two finite resources that we are all constantly struggling to use as efficiently as possible in all areas of life. 

So the question is: Can scrapbooking be done efficiently and affordably? Absolutely. Let’s dispel a few of the disabling myths and take a look at some tips and ideas for time and money management in scrapbooking.

Myth:Scrapbooking supplies, crops and tools cost a small fortune.”
Truth: Scrapbooking will cost you money, but only as much as you want to spend.

What you will spend depends on what you want. Scrapbooks can be simple or elaborate. Simple scrapbooks can be made using minimal products and time. Elaborate scrapbooks contain more pricey and copious contents and often take more time to complete. 

Myth: “I need to dedicate hours and hours of time each week to scrapbooking in order to stay caught up.”
Truth:  Scrapbooking takes time—but only as much as you have to devote to it. Remember, you don't need to scrapbook every picture!

It is possible to scrapbook fast and well. To do so, one needs to define what they want to accomplish and when it will get done. Some scrapbookers only want a single album that contains a lifetime of memorabilia, photos and stories. Others want scrapbooks they add to as events, milestones and moments from everyday life occur. A little bit of album planning can help you decide the best method for your schedule.

Myth: There are too many tools and supplies to buy before I can even get started.
Truth: There are thousands of scrapbooking products to choose from, but you don’t need them all.

While many of the products are essential to scrapbooking, many are not. The problem isn’t where to find things anymore, but rather, how to choose from all that’s available. Scrapbook.com has two free shopping lists (The Essentials and Upgrades) and a product tutorial that can help you make wise choices.

Ultimately, the amount of time and money you put into your scrapbooks depends greatly on your scrapbooking style, your album planning methods, and your wallet! The good news is there’s a way for every schedule, budget, and scrapbooker to do what is so important to us – preserve our memories.


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