Learn to Scrapbook 23-How to Host a Successful Crop

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A fabulous way to enjoy scrapbooking is by getting together with friends for a crop. Crops are a wonderful opportunity for social interaction, artistic inspiration and friendly collaboration, as well as a dedicated time to be productive.

As much fun as attending a crop can be, it is twice as much fun to host the crop yourself! Whether you're hosting three people or 300, here are a few tips and tricks that will make your next crop a success:

  • Theme - Choosing a theme for your crop (such as chocolate obsession, spa and relaxation, etc.) makes coordinating goodie bags, food, decorations and invitations easy. Though not necessary, a memorable theme is a fun way to make your crop stand out as an entertaining event.
  • Location - If you have the space, it's most convenient to host your event at home. Other options include a large room in a church building, community center, library, school, or a scrapbook store.

  • Time - Plan for no less than six to eight hours to allow croppers time to arrive, unpack, work on their albums a while, and still not feel rushed.

  • Invitations - Be sure to get your crop invitation in the mail early. For an all-day event most ladies will need at least two weeks to prepare and coordinate child care, etc.

    Find-a-Friend Tip: Visit the Scrapbook.com Location forums to connect with scrapbookers in your area.

  • Food - No gathering is complete without some kind of food. Snacks or hot dishes, potluck or delivery, you'll have a quite a few options here. Time of day, cost, preparation and clean-up should all be factors in your final menu decision.

  • Cropping Space - Ideally no more than two people would share a six-foot table. Be sure to provide adequate lighting to prevent eye strain. Also, include garbage bags or trash cans near each cropper.

  • Prizes, Giveaways, and Goody Bags - A goodie bag filled with decorative ribbon, die cut shapes, stickers or even candy can create a memorable gift your guests will enjoy. You can also buy larger prizes (or have them donated) for your guests to win by drawing names. Another option is to make your own prizes by creating layout kits with supplies you already have on hand.
  • Community tools - Let your croppers share resources and provide a table where die-cut machines and other larger tools will be available for community use during the crop.

  • Freebie table - Have a small table or area set up where your guests can swap magazines, idea books, partially-used sticker sheets, and other supplies they no longer need.

  • Make-and-Take Project - It can be fun to provide a simple make-and-take project to complete at the crop such as a card, embellished tag, or other small project. It's a great opportunity to introduce new techniques to your croppers and give them a finished project to take home. 

With some planning and a little hard work, you can host the crop of all crops. People will remember you as the considerate hostess and they will be sure to attend your events in the future.  

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