Creating a Cricut Shape Card

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Article Courtesy by Heidi Anne Giebel

Have you ever been curious about how to create a card in the shape of a puppy, a candy cane or a baby buggy? Well, here are step-by-step instructions on how to do that using Cricut Design Studio and the image of your choice.

Open a page in Design Studio, choose your cartridge from your Cricut Cartridge Library and then choose a shape. I chose the baby buggy from my New Arrival Cartridge; in the manual it is on page 93.

Choose a size from the sliding bar and place your shape in the top left of your cutting mat. At this point, while your shape is highlighted, check the welding box.

Place a second shape on your mat and check the welding box for that image while it is highlighted.

While your second shape is highlighted, check the flip box. This will create a mirror of your image. The left image is the back of your card and the right image is the front of your card.

Now we are going to hide some of the cut lines. To hide a cut line you need to click on that line. The line will then turn pink. While the line is pink, you need to right click; this will pull up a menu. From the menu choose “Hide Selected Contour.” The line will then turn blue; these blue lines will not be cut by the Cricut. You need to hide all the decorative lines (do not hide the outline) on the back portion of the card and some of the lines on the front portion of the card.  I left some of the cut lines on the front portion of the card because they will create windows when the card is assembled.

Next, click on your second shape or the front of your card, and using your left arrow, move it so it overlaps the first shape slightly. This will be where your card folds.

Lastly, place a third copy of your shape onto your mat and flip it. Place the layers (if any) of this shape onto your mat using the hide contours tool when necessary. This third shape will be layered on to create the front of your card.

This photo shows how I placed the paper onto my mat for cutting.

Cut and assemble your card. Place a tag on the inside of your card for a sentiment or stamp a saying directly onto the inside of your card.


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