Product Review: Sandylion Disney Collection


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Article Courtesy by Michelle Francis

I started scrapbooking over 15 years ago. When I first started, there wasn’t the large selection that we have now, but there were some brands then that are still around today. Sandylion is one of those brands that have endured the test of time. In fact, has a selection of over 120 different Sandylion products.

Since I recently went to Disneyland, I decided to try out the Mickey Phrases sticker sheet and Mickey Characters Poses paper. The sticker sheet has over 30 clear stickers on it, with a parade theme. The stickers have many sayings, including my favorite, “Again, Again,” which reminds me of how many times we rode certain rides. Other sayings include, “A place full of character,” “Smiles, Laughter, Well, whaddya know!” and “I won’t grow up!”


The paper is a little busy, with over 200 images of Mickey Mouse in several different poses. While I wouldn’t suggest using the paper as a background, it is perfect to use to mat photos and add some layers to your layout. The Mickey paper has very vibrant colors in the spirit of the Disney theme. I cut out some of the individual Mickeys and placed them as embellishments on my page. I also used the paper as a photo mat on my layout.

I found that the stickers came off the sticker sheet easily. When I decided not to use a sticker, I was able to put it back onto the sheet without any problems. I also had to take off a sticker and reposition it to another part of my layout.  It came off smoothly and I was able to put it somewhere else.  This is a huge bonus for people like me who find themselves laying everything out before gluing down. I change my mind often and being able to take off and reapply these stickers was a huge bonus.

Would I use Sandylion Disney products again? Yes, definitely. The stickers I used 15 years ago are still stuck to the pages and the sentiments I found on this sticker sheet fit my own adventures in Disneyland.


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