Scrapbooking Active Military Duty

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Article Courtesy by Heidi Anne Giebel

As much as we don’t want our enlisted loved ones to be deployed and leave us, it’s a very different world that we live in today as opposed to the Korean War, Vietnam and even Desert Storm. With the helping hand of technology we are looking at and speaking to our family members via Skype instead of waiting weeks for a reel-to-reel or a Polaroid. As documenters of our family history we feel it’s our job to record the experiences of our brave loved ones. Here are some tips and hints that might help as well as a few scrapbook pages for inspiration.

Take whatever you can get. Some soldiers do not want to talk about their experiences. Try not to pressure them; let them open up to you. If you are patient and gentle, in time they may start talking and when they do try to jot down their memories for the journaling on future layouts.

Look in different places. Facebook, My Space and Flickr are all places that people post photos, daily incidents and memories. Check out the pages of the soldier you want to scrapbook; you may find a wealth of material for your pages.

Use screen captures. With video conferencing, video chat and video email available for most deployed soldiers, it’s easy to take a screen capture of them as you are speaking. These jpeg’s are very low resolution but make for wonderful memories for your pages.

Record lots of stories. Sometimes your soldier might want to talk about experiences other than military ones. These are great stories to record. For example, my brother, a Lieutenant in the Army, told me a story of an Afghani man who left to study in India and then came back to Afghanistan to teach.

Check journals and daily diariess. These are wonderful places to look for records of your loved one’s military duty. Excerpts taken directly from these journals will add authenticity and deeper personal connection to your scrapbooking pages. Remember, it is important to ask your family member first before you read a personal journal.

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