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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish

One of the advantages of digital scrapbooking is not having to work with glue, sticky dots, tape runner and all the different types of attachments that are needed to keep paper and embellishments attached to a paper scrapbook page. Adhesives may not be necessary for digital scrapbooking but attachments can still be useful on digital scrapbook pages. Adding attachments such as brads, buttons, paperclips, pins and staples can give a 3-dimensional feel to the layout and can ground the items to the scrapbook page.

To add a brad, button or staple to a digital layout, open the scrapbook page and the desired digital attachment. Drag the digital attachment on to the scrapbook page. In my layout, “Babies,” I wanted to add three brads between the two text elements for decoration. I resized the brads by going to Edit – Free Transform – Scale. By holding the shift key and moving the corner of the transform selection, I reduced the size of the brad while maintaining proportions.

When the brad is at the desired size, you can make copies by selecting the brad and choosing Layer – Duplicate Layer. A new copy will appear right over the original. Select the new copy and move it into place. I also wanted to add staples so the tags would have a place to hang. I dragged the staples on to the layout, resized them, and then placed them on the layout as desired. Remember to place the staple layer above the tag layer so the staple will be on top of the string from the tag.

Adding a paperclip or any item that would go between layers of paper requires an extra step. Open the attachment and drag it on to the scrapbooks page. Resize it and position it where you would like it placed on the layout. Using the eraser tool, carefully erase the parts of the staple that would need to be under the paper. In my layout, “Lucky Traveler,” I added a digital paperclip to clip several photo frames together. In order to see what I needed to do, I zoomed in to the area with the paperclip. I also chose the eraser tool and chose a small brush size of 15 pixels.

I erased the parts of the staple that would appear under the paper. For my effect, it would be the inner parts that were on top of the paper.

This technique works well for larger clips, pins and other items that disappear and appear again.

It is easy to add attachments to digital pages for a nice look that adds dimension and grounds the layout.

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