PR: American Crafts Smooth Writing Gel Pens (48 Pack)

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Article Courtesy by Georgina Hefferman

One of the basic products that all crafters need in their kit is a decent writing pen. When you think about it, whatever you are creating will probably need you to write on it at some stage – journaling on a scrapbook page, inside greeting in a card, or details on the tag of a gift.

It is really important that you find a pen, therefore, that not only will feel comfortable to write with and add beautiful ink on your page, but that will also last you a long time!

I recently purchased the American Crafts Smooth Writing Gel Pens and I think, after years of searching, I have finally found my favorite gel pens of all time. I really cannot praise them enough.

There are 48 pens in total in the kit that you can buy from and they come in a wide variety of different vibrant colors.  I love the white gel pen provided in the pack; it is the best one I have found and looks fantastic on black cardstock.

The pens are cleverly designed and feel great when you hold them; they do not have too thin a body and you can get a nice grip on them without straining your hand. Each pen has a small roller ball in the tip, very similar to a ballpoint pen, which enables you to write with precision and gives your writing a beautiful finish.

The pens have the control of a ballpoint pen but with better colors created by the gel ink. You can easily create thin or bold lines too, simply by adjusting the pressure you apply when writing. I enjoy how the pen seems to slide across the page so easily and it doesn’t seem to produce intermittent gaps in the ink like other gel pens do.

From my experimenting I can confirm that the pens work on all kinds of paper, whether light or dark. Of course certain surfaces work better than others.  Be careful if you use a glossy paper as it takes longer for the gel pens to dry on this shiny surface. Be aware of smudging.

A few tips for looking after these pens :

  1. When you first get them, be gentle. The ink might not flow immediately but be patient. Roll the tip gently on the palm of your hand and this usually gets the ink flowing nicely. Luckily these inks are easy to wash off!
  2. Try not to jab the ball in the tip too much.  Don’t stamp it down on your page with any great force. This could damage the pen beyond repair if the ball gets stuck which in turn means the ink will not flow. Treat it as you would a delicate flower!
  3. Don’t leave the lid off when you are finished with the pens. They can dry out if left out in the open for too long. 
  4. If you are still having issues with getting the ink flowing,  roll the body of the pen with the lid on between the palms of your hands. This warms the ink up a little and makes writing a lot quicker.

These pens are amazing for journaling, titling, drawing, writing, doodling, adding accents to your layouts and more. They are safe for kids to use and quite simply a must-have for all.  They are great value for only $19.99 for all 48. I have seen these pens individually in craft shops for around $1.40 each. This makes it an affordable way to purchase a wide variety of colors that will mean you have a perfect colored pen for every project.

American Crafts are a reliable brand that you can trust. They are one of my favorites and once more, they have produced a product that is basically the best on the market!  If you purchase these pens you will not regret it.


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