DIY: Handmade Lace Frames

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Article Courtesy by Stacy Milford

I recently came across the K&Company Handmade Collection Lace Frames and immediately thought to myself, “I bet I can make those!”  I thought they would make a great addition to a card or even a scrapbook layout.  Several reviews indicated that the purchased frames were very small.  I knew by making my own, I could customize them to whatever size my project called for.

I just happened to have some transparency film, which can be purchased at office supply stores, and decided that would be the perfect material to create the base of the frame. I chose a purchased thank-you note as the image that I wanted to frame, so I laid it out on my self-healing mat and then placed the transparency film over it.

Next, I made sure that the transparency film was overlapping my image by about a ½” all the way around.  Holding the transparency film in place, I used a craft knife to easily cut the outside edge of the frame.

After cutting the outer edge of my frame, I then cut out the center using the craft knife.  This created a ½” frame with outside measurements of 4 ½” x 6 ½”.

My next decision was how to go about adhering the Offray 5/8” Knits Trim to the transparency film frame.  I decided the easiest method would be to use my Xyron 1.5” Create-A-Sticker machine.  It worked like a charm!

The trim could now be applied to the transparency film frame like a sticker.  I used a 23” piece of trim and folded the corners as I went around the frame.

Finally, I cut the front of the purchased thank-you note and adhered it to a white cardstock card.  Using permanent adhesive, I then “framed” the thank-you image with my DIY homemade lace frame.  To ensure that the frame and lace stayed in place, I ran a zigzag machine stitch around the frame.

The finished card, even though I used a “purchased” thank-you note image, really does have a handmade vintage feel to it!

While I had all of my supplies out, I quickly made a second frame, this time using trim made of twine.   I am very pleased with the result, as the frame really makes the photo “pop” from the page!

Knowing that you have a collection of trims and lace that are just waiting to be used, how about you make a frame too?


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