Product Review: Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors

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Article Courtesy by Jeanette Giancaspro

Product Name:  Martha Stewart Crafts  Fringe Scissors

Price:  $12.99

Product Description: 

They may look like something out of a horror movie, but these scissors are anything but scary – although they are VERY sharp and should be handled with caution.  The scissors are constructed of five nonstick, coated blades riveted together.  When you make a cut with them, they create a series of fringes that can be used in a variety of craft projects.

In Use:

Manufactured by EKSuccess, the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors can cut paper, cardstock, foil, tissue, foam, and fabric.  The five sharp, even blades create perfectly straight and even fringes when used correctly.

Tips & Techniques:

In order to achieve perfect results every time, you’ll need to keep these tips in mind:

  • Use the tips of the scissors for a more uniform fringe.
  • To cut thicker materials or create longer fringes, use the blades closer to the hinge.
  • Line up the blades carefully after each cut so that you don’t accidentally cut off a fringe.
  • Keep your fingers out of the way, because the blades are extremely sharp.  (Not recommended for children.)

After a little practice, I think you’ll find the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors a welcome and fun addition to your crafting tool collection.

Project Ideas & Samples:

Here I cut a cupcake wrapper to create a daisy, and a coffee filter to make a sunflower.  I used spray inks and Perfect Pearls to add color and shine.  Using my scoring board, I was able to make a fringed medallion flower that would be the perfect addition to a card, gift bag, or scrapbook page. 

Other possibilities include:  bag toppers, cupcake picks, decorative circles, gift wrap, party hats, confetti, and grass. 

See a gallery of layouts and projects using the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors.


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