10 Layouts with a Focus on Journaling

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Stacy Milford

For me, a layout just isn’t complete without journaling.  Who doesn’t enjoy reading a great story?  I browsed the Scrapjazz gallery searching for ways to kick my journaling up another notch and found some amazing examples:

  1. Happy Day in Minnesota by Polly – This layout features a clean design and highlights a wonderful photo with a few simple word strips telling a quick story.

  2. You Can Do It by Hkstarflower – I love how this layout documents various accomplishments throughout the year and the journaling stamp used to “house” the little stories is fabulous.

  3. Not Alone by Kimberly M – What a powerful layout!  The eye is drawn from the soft focus enlargement to the colored photo and embellishments and then finally to the heartfelt journaling – perfect!

  4. Change by Robyn101 – This is one of those layouts that draws me in – I feel a need to read the journaling to discover the story behind the photo.  In this case, an old library card holds the very personal words written to a loved one.

  5. Me & You by Daisymeh – Words from the heart complete this beautiful layout!  I love the use of various fonts as well as sizes.  This really keeps the eye moving down the column of journaling.

  6. 24 Things to Remember by KarryWeaver – What a great way to “remind” yourself about how to live life!  I love the long list of journal strips that hold the individual messages.

  7. Miss Personality – 4 by Andrea Steed – This terrific two-page spread is packed with a fun photo collage and an entire page of journaling, documenting a year in the life of a child.  It’s a great idea for a “through the years” album.

  8. P365 – end of July by ChrissyW – Here’s a scrapbook artist after my own heart!  I am a huge fan of Project 365 – taking a photo every day to get a true “snapshot” of our everyday lives.  The journaling in this layout is very specific and tells the story behind these random, everyday-life photos.

  9. Follow Me by Sbartist – This very clever layout documents the story through photos, maps, items collected, and of course, lots of journaling.  The journaling is printed on vellum and attached with brads, highlighting it but also blending in well with the flow of the layout.  Yet another layout that just begs to be read!

  10. 2 Extraordinary Kids by Sheredian – In this amazing layout, the bold title takes the place of journaling and says it all.  This is perfect for those times when there may not be a huge story to tell, but rather an idea you want to convey.


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