Creating a Scrapbook for Your Bride

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By Vistaprint

There are so many gift options for the wedding attendee these days. Creating a personal gift by hand, such as a scrapbook, remains the best way to show friends and family you love and appreciate them. The bridal scrapbook is an opportunity not only to preserve the custom-printed pieces from the wedding day but a chance to share wedding memories time and again. Wedding scrapbooks are a snapshot of one of life's most magical moments. Every detail counts to the preservation of the memory.

A wedding scrapbook is obviously a gift presented after the wedding but that doesn't mean waiting to gather the mementos. Be sure to take a copy of each custom-printed item, perhaps the wedding favor or at least the wedding favor label, the table number cards, a napkin or two and whatever else is small flat and appropriate scrapbooking material. Ask the bride for any blanks and extras from her save-the-dates and invites.

Save-the-dates look striking matted in a contrasting color and surrounded by images of clocks, watches and calendars. A photograph of the bride and groom pointing to a clock adds a nice touch. Numbers from the wedding date floating in the background is another way to go. Save-the-date cards are one of the earliest wedding memories and should appear close to the front or at the front of the scrapbook.

The wedding invitation deserves pride of place in any bridal scrapbook. It’s nice for the scrapbook maker to use an actual invitation and the matching custom envelope with the mailing stamp visible.

Perhaps a handwritten note on the corner of the scrapbook page about the excitement the book maker felt when she received the invite in the mail would be nice.

When including the thank you card in a scrapbook for the bride, there are a number of ways to go about it. The card the book maker received may look a little out of place in the scrapbook, but it’s an option. Alternatively, ask the happy couple for one of their leftover blank custom thank you cards and write a thank you to them for inviting you to the wedding and letting you be a part of such an important moment in their lives.

Alternatively, consider a more universal message for the bride and groom in the form of a thank you card, something about gratitude for love, happy people, the universe, etc. A classic poem regarding thankfulness may work here too. It’s all about picking the best design for the individual couple so their wedding scrapbook really resonates with them.

Provide uniformity to the wedding scrapbook by choosing background colors and matting papers that complement the original wedding colors. The idea of scrapbooking memories is both to preserve and celebrate the mementos of a life. Don't forget to use plenty of photographs when creating the wedding scrapbook. The best wedding gifts are always packed with personality and the bridal scrapbook is no exception.

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