Product Review: Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board

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Article Courtesy by Christine Ousley

Product Name:  Martha Stewart Crafts - Scoring Board


Product Description:

Use this Score Board from Martha Stewart to score flawless, crisp lines in seconds. Create invitations, envelopes, gift boxes, and more. It includes an envelope guide and a bone folder and has easily accessible storage compartments.

In Use:

The Martha Stewart Scoring Board has quickly become a favorite tool of mine.  It works wonderfully and I have found it to have many special features that other scoreboards don’t have.  One of these features is its envelope maker.  In this article I will show you how it works as well as how to create a fun pinwheel embellishment.

See a video demonstration of the Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Tips & Techniques:

The envelope maker is located underneath the scoreboard in a special compartment.  I love this feature because everything is in one place.  The score blade is also contained in a small compartment at the top of the board.

To create an envelope you first need to cut your paper to the appropriate size.  The measurement for the paper and where to score it are located right on the envelope maker.  The envelope that I made here is the standard A2 envelope size.  This will fit a 4 ¼” x 5 ½” card.  The size I needed to cut my paper was 8 ½” x 8 ½” square. 

For each envelope there are two A sides and two B sides. Each of these sides will be scored at the same measurement.  For this particular size envelope score marks should be placed at 3” for the A sides and 3 ¾” for the B sides.

To start scoring the paper to create the envelope, place the envelope maker in the corner of the board.  Place the paper directly underneath the envelope maker.  Score each side at the appropriate measurements for your envelope.

After scoring I cut out the small triangles that are formed by the score marks on each side.  Then I folded my piece of paper at each score line.

Above is the envelope folded but not yet glued together.

Here is the envelope completed.  It is important to use very strong adhesive to adhere the bottom flap to the sides so that the envelope stays together while mailing or delivering. 

Project Ideas & Examples:

One other great feature of the Martha Stewart Scoreboard is that there are grooves to score your paper every ¨û”.  This makes it very easy to score just about any size project as well as score very detailed projects. The following photos show how I was able to use the Martha Stewart Scoreboard to create a fun pinwheel embellishment.

To create these pinwheels it is important that each of the score marks be even and close together. Score a 12” x 1 ½” paper at each score mark all along the length of the paper. 

Fold the paper accordion-style along each score mark.  Put strong adhesive on the ends of the paper and adhere them together. 

Cut out two circles of matching patterned paper and glue to the top and bottom of the pinwheel to secure it. Embellish pinwheel as desired.

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