Product Review: #6 Cricut Cartridge

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Article Courtesy by Heidi Anne Giebel


Product Name: Cricut Cartridge “Just Because” Cards

Price: $89.99
Product Description:

The “Just Because” Cards Cricut cartridge is meant to be used for those unusual, non-traditional holiday cards. It is the perfect cartridge for any card maker who wants to create fun, whimsical cards for any occasion. You will find a wide variety of cards to choose from on this cartridge. Some of the sentiments you will find are ‘thank you,’ ‘just moved,’ ‘encouragement,’ ‘congratulations’ and ’love.’ Many of the sentiments are written as puns and all have accompanying shapes that highlight the funny saying.

In Use:

Every card on the “Just Because” Cards cartridge has a card base, top layer, sentiment with matching shape and sticker for the back of your envelope.  This cartridge will also cut 10 different envelopes. Note: the manual states which envelope goes with which card. Most envelopes fit multiple cards.

Tips & Techniques:
The same card can be adapted to each individual recipient just by changing the colors and patterned papers. For example, I cut this card for a girlfriend of mine using pinks and soft florals.

I cut the exact same card using a cowboy theme for my uncle. By changing the pinks to blues, rusty reds and black, I was able to create a more masculine card for a man.

One more tip: once you’ve decided on the size of your card and have set your size dial, do not change the size dial to cut the rest of the card or envelope. The Cricut will size everything perfectly to fit on the card base that you have cut.

Project Ideas & Examples:

See a gallery of layouts and projects using the "Just Because” Cards Cricut Cartridge.

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