Product Review: Gluber by Cosmo Cricket

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Article Courtesy by Patricia Folchert


Product Names: Gluber Multipack or Gluber 2" Packs

Price: $4.99

Product Description:

Cosmo Cricket Glubers are large circular glue dots with double-sided adhesive. They come in two different styles.   One style is the pack shown to the right; it has twelve 2" glue dots.  The second style is a multipack and comes with four dots of three different sizes: 2", 2.5" and 3".   The multipack-style package is shown below:

In Use:

This product has taken the crafting world by storm; many distributors are having trouble keeping them in stock because they are so popular.

The main benefit I see in this product is the sheer convenience of it.  To be able to create these types of flowers quickly is just so handy. No need for a hot glue gun, sewing machine or messy liquid glue, you just need one transparent double-sided dot of sublime adhesive heaven.

Another wonderful benefit is how easy they are to use; there are step-by- step instructions on the back of the packages as well as a fabulous introduction and quick tutorial by Julie Comstock herself, available here.

Considering that you get 12 pieces per pack, they are very affordable. The cost per piece is about $0.42. Then all you need are some 2" wide scrap strips of fabric and voila, custom embellishments extraordinaire. If you are like most crafters I know, then you have some fabric scraps laying around just waiting for a proper Gluber introduction.

Another fabulous benefit is the countless possibilities of projects you can create. These can be used to make all different types of embellishments for so many handcrafted items.

The only disadvantage I found was that the glue is so strong that you need to be sure when you are placing your completed embellishment.  You must be very careful; you would most likely not be able to reposition them once they are attached.

In conclusion, I fell in love with this product from the moment I first saw it at CHA and after creating three of the projects below my love has only deepened. J

VIDEO: See Glubers in Action

Tips & Techniques:

This product is perfect for embellishing all types of projects. Try them on cards, layouts, place cards, pins, barrettes, headbands, hats, frames, party favors, etc. The list could go on and on and on.

  1. Try using different types of fabric for different effects. Some fun examples: silk, cotton, burlap, canvas, tulle, felt and even denim!
  2. Experiment with fraying the edges of your fabric to add a shabby chic feel.
  3. Add gemstones to the centers for a bling-tastic finish. (see samples below)
  4. Build your own paper flowers petal by petal.
  5. Add pearls to the center for a touch of sophistication.
  6. Build dimensional punched flowers using three different punch sizes.
  7. Add some glitter glue for sparkle.
  8. Swipe finished flower across stamp pad to add color and depth.
  9. Spray completed flowers with Glimmer Mist for extra shine.
  10. Sew buttons to the centers for a colorful option. Any type of button from bright colors to vintage would work well. Play around and see what wonderful combinations you can make. (see sample below)
  11. Spray completed flowers with paint mist for a grunge effect.
  12. Add a paper-punched embellishment to the center. Think butterflies, birds, flowers, etc. (see sample below)
  13. Attach a corrugated shape to the center. They come in all types from stars to frames to buttons.
  14. Try adding ribbon or a baker's twine bow or knot to the center.

Project Ideas/Examples:

Swim Party Mermaid by Natasja Verbeek

We are so lucky to have a Cosmo Cricket design team member project to share today! The uber-talented Natasja shared this fabulous layout with us featuring the use of the Gluber to create this fantastic flower embellishment. This layout also uses one of the brand new Cosmo Cricket lines, called "Salt Air." How cute is that little mermaid?

Gluber Grey  Button Pin by Patricia Folchert

I made this lovely coiled flower at the demo booth at CHA in literally two minutes. I added the center button trio and silver rhinestones and the pin back at home later. But, yes it really is that easy.

Gluber Creative Carnivale Card by Patricia Folchert

Here is an example of how this product can really dress up cards.

CKC Gluber Layout by Patricia Folchert

This Gluber flower was the perfect addition for this layout that highlights my trip to CKC last year with my teenage daughter. By the way, she has already requested a Gluber-flowered headband. That is next on my list...

So now is your chance to create a Gluberific project and share your twisted creations with us here at by uploading them into our gallery.

See more layouts and projects using Glubers!

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