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It's a simple fact.  The more organized I am, the more productive I am.  That's probably the case for most people.  Organization is probably one of the most difficult problems that we scrapbookers/crafters face.  One solution for me is to keep my most-used materials in plain sight and in their own "homes."  I've found that cubes and containers work very well for me.

Many companies make cube-style organizational components.  One of my favorites is the Cubez line by Cropper Hopper.  Not only can I fit a lot of containers on the adjustable shelves, but the starter unit comes with four drawer totes (two small, one large, and one jumbo), where I can store my larger supplies.  In the photo below, you can see that I've used the smaller ones for my Stickles and small tools, and the large one helps to contain all of my acrylic paint.  The jumbo drawer is home to my larger cans, jars, and spray adhesives.

In addition to the larger shoebox-type plastic boxes, where I store my glitter and larger embellishments, I use smaller plastic boxes with compartments to organize my brads and buttons.  I've organized most of my buttons by color, but since I have many shaped buttons as well, I have a separate box in which I've organized them by theme.  You can find similar storage boxes here at

When it comes to my brads - well, that is a work in progress.  I've tried organizing them by size, color, and shape, but, for some reason, I had a very hard time keeping it all sorted.  What I use now is a "carousel" organizer.  Each of the small compartmentalized boxes snaps in and out of the main unit, and there is a large central compartment that can hold my larger shaped brads.  The top is a lift-out tray that provides even more room for my seasonal brads.

Since I've learned to be more organized, I find that I actually get more done, and I get it done more quickly and efficiently too.  When everything has a home, I can find it easily when I need it.  Not only that, but having my supplies in an easily viewable and accessible area actually makes me want to use them.  I'm a very visual person, so that helps me considerably.

I hope I've given you some ideas that will help you get your supplies organized.  Remember that organization is an ongoing process.  You have to keep up with it, and it has to grow with you and your needs.  The trick is to not let it overtake you.  You have to weed out and purge your older "stash."  But that's a subject for another article, isn't it?  One thing at a time . . . .  Happy organizing!


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