Product Review: Generalís Pastel Chalk Pencils

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson


Product Name: General's Pastel Chalk Pencils

Price: A pack of eight pencils is available for $9.95.

Product Description:
General's Pastel Chalk Pencils are pastel colored pencils. They come in sets of eight pencils, the neutrals set has shades of black, white, brown, and tan; the assorted color set has primary colors plus black and white. Each set comes with a small pencil sharpener.

In Use:
These pencils can be used anywhere that you would think to use colored pencils. Probably the most common use is to color images, but they can be also used for doodling and drawing on your layouts.  One nice feature is that they are opaque, so the light colors show up on darker paper.

With all of the expensive markers and paints available for coloring images these days, General's chalk pencils offer an affordable and easy way to get great-looking colored images without waiting for anything to dry. Erasers are a nice feature if you make a mistakes.

Tips & Techniques:
Here are some suggestions for using your General's chalk pencils:

  • Use them for coloring stamped images.
  • Use the different shades in the neutrals collection for subtle coloring.
  • Use the lighter shades for doodling or faux stitching on darker papers.

Project Ideas & Examples:
On this layout, I used a pencil from the neutrals set to doodle the faux stitching around the edge of the brown cardstock.

On this card, I used several shades from the neutrals collection to color this image. I like the effect of the pastels on this type of image.


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