Product Review: Crate Paper Eclectic Buttons

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Article Courtesy by Patricia Folchert


Product Names: Crate Paper - Eclectic Buttons - Emma's Shoppe, Neighborhood, Portrait & Toy Box

Price: $4.99

Product Description:

Four different packs of these Eclectic Buttons are available to coordinate with Crate Paper's four new releases from Winter 2011. Those packs are Portrait, Neighborhood, Emma's Shoppe and Toy Box. Each pack has 14 flea-market custom buttons that coordinate with those paper lines.

In Use:

It is not often that I splurge on embellishments; however, when I laid eyes on these eclectic button sets from Crate Paper I simply could not resist them.  I purchased the two sets that coordinate with the Emma's Shoppe line and the Toy Box line. I have not been disappointed with my purchase; these buttons are so versatile in use.

The colors and patterns of these buttons is my favorite feature. The flea-market feel they have really appealed to me. Even better is that I didn't need to spend hours searching an actual flea market to find them.

The way the buttons coordinate with their paper lines is fabulous. They are not too matchy-matchy, but are just the right designs to add a special touch.

Another favorite feature for me is their versatility, as you can see demonstrated by the projects I created. They enhanced a repurposed home décor piece, an inspirational layout and a wedding card with ease.

The only disadvantage may be the cost. For me $4.99 for embellishments is a little high, but they proved to be worth it. I used only eight out of 28 buttons and now have 20 left for other projects.  The math works out to be about $.36 per button, and that doesn't seem so bad.

In conclusion, I do recommend the Crate Paper Eclectic Button sets. They are different and seemed to add a fresh look to all the projects I used them for. 

Tips & Techniques:

This product would be great for any theme. You name it and there is a button that fits.

  1. Try clustering buttons together for a new look, as shown in the layout below.
  2. Use buttons as other embellishment centers. Think flowers, stars, etc. (as shown below).
  3. Add just the right dimension to a special card (example below).
  4. Line them up to create a button border.
  5. Stack them with other embellishments, such as pearls and gemstones.
  6. Layer different sizes of buttons to create unique custom embellishments.

Project Ideas/Examples:

Mom's Muffin Tin - Home Décor piece by Patricia Folchert

This is actually a repurposed antique muffin tin that I used to make a Mother's Day gift for my own mother. I added a vintage lace hanger by knotting the ends through the holes in the tin. Then I used the Emma's Shoppe Eclectic buttons and coordinating papers to make mats and flowers.  The delicate pastel patterns and colors were perfect for her. She really loved it!

Mr. & Mrs. Card by Patricia Folchert

Who knew that you could use a boy-themed pack of products to make a super cute wedding card? Not me but it worked out so well. In fact the papers were Toy Box and the button was from Emma's Shoppe. You just never know.

His Majesty Layout by Patricia Folchert

Here is a simple inspirational layout of a heavenly display I was lucky enough to witness after a terrible storm the other night. I wanted the photo to take center stage so I just clustered a few buttons to help anchor the layout.

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