Cards for Teachers

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish


Cards are a great way to tell teachers how special they are to you and your child.

There are many ways to embellish a card for teachers. I like to start with a paper in a pattern that seems appropriate for the teacher. Cut the card to the size you wish to use and fold the card as you would like.

Adding text to the card expresses the sentiment of the giver. That expression could be anything from "thank you" to "you're special." The text can be printed, stamped, die-cut or computer-generated on to the card. In Ramona Greenspan's card below the text was printed, then cut and put on the card.

The final step is to add embellishments. This is often the most fun part of the card creation. There are many different types of embellishments. Embellishments can be representative of the teacher profession.

Embellishments can feature something that the recipient likes, such as animals, flowers or sports. Ramona Greenspan used flower paper as the background and as the embellishment for her card.

Embellishments can also be fun finishing touches like sparkles, swirls and arrows. The swirls in this card by Ramona Greenspan add excitement and fun to her card.

The most important part of making a card for a teacher is to express how much the teacher means to you. Always sign it and try to add a personal note that shows your special relationship with the teacher. Your teacher will treasure it.

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