At-Home Coupon Organizer How-to

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall



It never fails that I will be on a couponing website and it will mention a coupon from three months ago. Who keeps coupon booklets that long? So, I started keeping my coupon booklets but it was just a huge mess. I had files that I would try to label and re-label each month I rotated in. And what about the sales flyers or restaurant ads? It wasn't working. So, I went to the store and got an accordion file that does not have an opening at the bottom of the dividers. That means that the plastic dividers go all the way to the bottom. Otherwise, your papers will slide underneath and get all messed up, which defeats the purpose.


  • an accordion file (I got mine for $10 at Walmart)
  • a calendar
  • pencil
  • rub-ons and stickers (optional)

First, this project is easy, so easy you might wonder why I needed to write an article on it. But, this organizer can be used for more than just couponing. It can organize scrapbook supplies such as alphabet stickers, 12" die cuts, sketches, ripped-out magazines articles, etc. I also didn't realize until I got to the store that there are actual accordion files available that don't have the openings at the bottom of the dividers; somebody was obviously listening to consumer complaints.

For the outside:

  1. Decide what you want your holder to look like before you start adding rub-ons all over it. Once you've got that figured out, carefully apply your rub-on. This might be hard because the surface is flexible. I sealed my rub-ons with clear glitter nail polish.
  2. Next, I chose Doodlebug stickers that make me happy because I might be more likely to be organized if I actually like looking at my organizer. Maybe. Since I knew that the stickers wouldn't last forever, I only chose a few and applied them where they would get the least amount of wear and tear.

For the inside:

  1. See what coupons you have and what you're keeping. Organize them by month and then by week. This information is found on the teeny tiny binding of the booklet. It's really small, but it's there, near the top.
  2. Using your calendar, write out all the Sundays that there were coupons, on the little white file tabs. Coupon inserts usually aren't included in holiday papers. These tabs can easily be changed out on a rotation basis; no need to move around your coupons.

  3. Slip in your coupon booklets according to the week. You will probably have more than one booklet per Sunday. Also make a tab for restaurant coupons (like pizza or the Chinese menu), weekly circulars, or things to do on a date night.

That's it; you're done!  Now when you're looking for a coupon from May 2011, you know exactly where to go. I like the nice handle too. If a friend calls me and wants to get together for crafting, but I don't have anything prepared, I can just grab this and throw away old coupons at her dining room table. I don't have to worry about messing anything up, which allows my attention to focus on chatting with my friends.


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