How to: Take-along Coupon Organizer

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall

After buying multiple dollar-store paper-coupon holders, I decided to upgrade to a plastic one with envelopes inside. I also liked the fact that I could use larger envelopes to fit long(er) coupons and I could individualize the categories to be more specific which means less "sifting" at the clearance endcap of Target.

My husband and I went to the plastics aisle at Walmart and laughed hysterically as we practiced carrying different totes around the store. I finally decided on Sterilite's 11"x8"x7" container because I liked how I could swing the tote and the top was completely secure! Next I headed to the envelope aisle where I chose multi-colored envelopes for easier identification. Once I got home, I realized that my coupon holder was ugly and I hated the pastel envelopes. It was time to make it pretty! Plus, maybe I would see a fellow scrapbooker at the grocery store and make a new crop friend.

paper, paper trimmer, adhesive, clear tape, stickers

  1. Take one 12"x12" sheet of paper and cut it in half. Next cut each half at 7". You will have four sheets of paper, two 7"x6" and two 5"x6". These are your mini scrapbook pages, which will decorate your organizer!
  2. Take a sheet of patterned 12"x12" paper and cut it in half. Now take your 6"x12" sheet of paper and cut it in half, making two 3"x12" strips. Cut it at 7" again and you now have four blocks of paper that perfectly fit on your mini pages.

  3. Cut additional rectangles of paper to cover the other part of the pages, or your can just start with patterned paper to begin with.  Decorate your pages as desired. Remember to keep your pages as flat as possible. I don't recommend brads, buttons, eyelets, knots, etc. If you want glitter, use Stickles. I chose to put my address and phone number on one of the small scrapbook pages.
  4. For the front I used American Crafts white stickers and outlined them in pen and pencil. You can use any letter stickers or just leave it blank.

  5. Last I used tabs (you can use a diecut or a punch) to label a few of my coupon envelopes for fun. They're already labeled, but I used them to label an overall category like "drugs."  The envelopes are sub-categorized on the separate envelopes like, "vitamins, eye care, and pain."

  6. Put your scrapbook page inside your clear coupon holder and tape it to the sides of the box using clear tape. I did around all four sides of the page so that it won't start peeling. So the page and the tape is going to be facing outward. Normally I wouldn't do four separate panels, but this box isn't perfectly straight, so I had to or my paper would wrinkle.

You might choose to decorate the lid like I did. You can also tie ribbons on the handle if you want to, for more of a fun look. I kept mine plain. This was so fast and easy once I got the measurements down. I am definitely making some of these for gifts!


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