Album: Friends

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish


Friends are a very special part of our lives.  Often we concentrate our scrapbooking on our family but it is important to remember to highlight our friends as well. One way to do that is to create a friendship album dedicated to just our friends.

Choose a theme or a general album. There are several friendship themes you can choose. Consider the various people in your life. Here are some ideas:

  • friends from a sports team or athletic endeavor
  • friends from a hobby
  • friends from work
  • friends from college
  • friends from your childhood
  • friends from church
  • friends from school
  • friends from an organization

You can choose to use a theme for the album or make it more general about people in your life. Think of who needs to be in your book and make a list. I decided to make a friends album about the people at our church who have been my friends over the years.

Album Cover. Just like any album, create a title page. Choose papers and colors that go well with the theme. Create a title that lets everyone know the theme. In my 8" x 8" album I used a combination of patterned and solid blue papers. An arrow points to the subject of the album.

Introduction Page. Include an introductory page that highlights the focus of the album. Include quotes, stickers, images, etc. that highlight the theme. In my album I included a quote about friends and explained a bit about finding friends.

Filler Pages. Create a page for each friend. It can be a simple page with one photo and some description. It can be a collage of photos. It can be a few photos and some detailed journaling. Your journaling sentiments could range from bullet points to a story about you and your friend.

It is enriching to have friends. Take time to enjoy, photograph and record your friends and your adventures with them.  A friends scrapbook will give you plenty of space for all your memories.

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